Thursday, May 17, 2007

Excuse for not Blogging #8

I took the boys swimming.

We had a blast!!


Anonymous said...

That is so exciting! When I was nannying our neighbor's 4yr. old boy, we would go swimming & it was so fun! I don't think I can count on my hands and feet the times we walked to the top of the waterslide to go down when we were there each time. I definately got my excersise! LOL But I never carried him - if he wanted to go down, we would walk up & go down - I was secretly hoping to beat out his energy but it never worked. I got tired before he did!

How was Colten? Did he do well with the water & getting his head all wet?


Shauna said...

at, yeah my babe did great! Cried at first, but once he got used to the water he was splashing and loving it. He especially loved watching his brothers jump in and splash. LOL! It was great.

Marianne Arkins said...

Oooh... color me green with envy. We've had non stop rain and cold -- it was only 55 degrees here yesterday! And, we don't have an indoor pool anywhere. DD loves to swim (I think all kids must).

Sounds like you had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Finally I've gotten some time to catch up on your blog. Lots of interesting reading. Loved your one on mothers. That about wraps it up and the interesting thing on being a mom is that it lasts a life time.

Anyway, that's off the topic of todays blog.

I have to admit that as you were arriving to swim just down the street, there was envy in my heart.
I so wanted to cancel painting my friends living room. Instead I painted and sweat away secretly hoping that you'd still be there when I was done. Not that it would have changed anything seeings that I still had 2 more appointments to keep.

All that to say, it actually felt like summer had arrived. So glad you had a great time. That is how life should be lived and that is why I love summer.

Catch you later

The Mailman's Wife said...

HEY! I am in High River right now...I have a feeling I missed your Birthday...Did I? If so...SOOOO sorry! Happy Birthday! Take care and we will be home soon! Chat larer! Love ya!

Shauna said...

Miss, you didn't miss my birthday. It was today (on post above). Thanks for the B-Day wishes. Later!