Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hallelujah! Let There Be Rejoicing!

MY HUBBY IS HOME!! This calls for celebration! And you know what? He's taking a couple days off work. So, um, you may not be hearing from me for the next 2 or 3 days. I'm going to enjoy him being at home for awhile. I was feeling all giddy this afternoon when he came home. I couldn't wipe the stupid grin off my face. Gracious! You'd think we were dating again, I was all a flutter. LOL!

And you know another great thing? I have my laptop back! Yipee! I'm sitting on the couch, writing this post while my baby chomps away on a newspaper flyer. I've told him "no" countless times, but by the sounds of his contented munching, you'd think ink and recycled paper was the finest cuisine. Oh, well. I'm sure it's the least of things he's sure to consume in his young years. So, I'm choosing to ignore him as he eats his after-supper snack.

However, there is a certain smell wafting my way. One I find I cannot ignore. Ah, babies...in one end and out the other. So, I'm off to be a mom and do mommy things. Have a great week.


Jeff and Ashlee Thomas said...

Oh, Love is in the Air - um, I can't remember anymore of the song...just the one line, but what a good line!
Love is in the Air!
Enjoy the couple days off with your family.


Marianne Arkins said...

Have a wonderful few days and enjoy hubby... and the boyos, too.

Anonymous said...

Yipee, your hubby is home! Glad to hear that there is still a little bit of that young love in the air.LOL Was he smiling just as big? Think it's great that DH is taking some time off.

I'm sure the boys were probably just as excited as you when DH got home.

Your laptop has returned! Yippy for you!LOL So now you can lounge around and do your blogging. Yeah! for those of us who check it everyday.LOL

I'm glad to be a grandma when those sweet odors waft by my nose and it needs a mother's attention.LOL


The Mailman's Wife said...

Hey, Sorry I didn't get back to you about the movie, you are still welcome to use it...We just got home from the city last night. We had our interview...We feel it went well...We will know if we are accepted on the 24th.

Super glad your hubby is back. Have a great time with your family!!!

Marianne Arkins said...

On Tuesday, you volunteered to be Randomized by me... well -- the questions are up! Go take a look at them here! Thanks for playing :-)

Shauna said...

Jeff and Ash, YEAH you got a blogger identity!! And I did enjoy the time with hubby and family. I also enjoyed the time he spent with the boys so I could get away! LOL!

ym, this laptop is fabulous! I really missed it! :-)

Miss, I'll get the movie from you another time. I'll be checking to see your report on how things went.

Marianne, thanks for the questions. I had fun doing them!