Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dandelion Bouquets and Love Hearts

Is there anything more precious than the little fist that proudly offers a dandelion bouquet? You can't find them for sale in any flower shop and yet they mean more than a dozen long-stem red roses.

When I look out the window into my backyard, I'm annoyed by the sight of these growing yellow weeds. They're back already? Didn't we just kill those off yesterday? I'm incredulous at how quickly they seem to pop up, polluting my yard. My children, however, see these yellow "flowers" as a symbol of beauty and they lovingly spend precious time picking me handfuls to display. And each bouquet is as special as the last. They hold them up, pride in their eyes, as they tell me, "I picked you dandelions! I love you, mom!" So, I take those weeds, put them in a glass of water and put them on tables and counters.

They've recently began adding "cards" to their bouquets. These are heart-shaped leaves that they find on the ground outside. They call it a card and tell me it reads, "I love you," because it is shaped like a heart. A Love Heart.



Anonymous said...

Absolutley precious.


Anonymous said...

My darling children presented me with a "dandelion bouquet" quite a few years ago. I proudly displayed in on the kitchen table then had the most vicious sneezing fit, discovered that I am allergic to some grass, weed or whatever, so the bouquet left the house but the loving thoughts my children had brought in with the bouquet has stayed with me.


Julie Carobini said...

Found you at Girlswriteout. We've got the love of coffee and hatred of weeds in common ;)

The Mailman's Wife said...

That is too cute! Can't wait for it! Actually as we were weeding out some items for a garage sale we are having...Mike came across the cutes little mini vase that he says would be just perfect for dandelion bouquets! Go figure!!!

Shauna said...

Julie, thanks for stopping by my blog! I love Girlswriteout! It's one I check daily. Um, I have a huge weakness for coffee. Yesterday, for the first time I tried French Pressed coffee. Ever had it? YUM! And right now, with it being summer, I'm getting into iced coffees. I'm not big on the outdoors. Too many bugs and icky things. :-)