Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"And When We Come Back...

...Andy will face his most difficult decision yet."

If you watch The Bachelor, you've heard these words before. Anyone else sick to death of them?? I was watching last night (yes, my hubby tells me each week what pure garbage it is, but I watch anyways) and every time I hear Chris Harrison say these words I want to throw something at the t.v. I mean, come on! Something a little more original and varied, please! Perhaps something like:

"And when we continue, Andy will face more difficult decisions as the number of women dwindle and emotions become more involved."

"After the break, Andy's struggle continues as he makes more decisions in his search for love."

"And when we come back, the decisions facing Andy continue to increase as tensions rise."

Now, for those of us who want them to tell it like it is:

"And when we come back, Andy will eliminate yet another bachelorette."

"When we continue, another woman will be leaving the show in tears and frustration, heart broken and questioning why she wasn't 'good enough.'"

Okay, those last two were said somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Seriously, Andy seems like a nice enough guy, I just can't stand the way they've been using the same phrasing for ten seasons. TEN! This is the tenth season for the Bachelor. Is it too much to ask that they use some creativity and come up with something a little more original? It's the same drivel show after show, season after season. Anyone else have any ideas?

Okay, I rant, but I watch. Faithfully every week. *sigh* And next week is the two-hour season finale, so I'll be blocking off a chunk of my night to curl up and watch the "dramatic" finish.

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Marianne Arkins said...

The only reality show I watch is "American Idol" ... love it. But it's on at the same time as my other favorite show, "NCIS" which is truly frustrating. I don't watch much TV (those two plus "Heroes"), so what are the odds?

Enjoy your bachelor!