Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was hoping to maintain this blog better in the new year, hoping to post more regularly, but obviously it hasn't happened. Which goes to show that good intentions will get you nowhere...or in my case, as far as the coffee pot.

My life has been a series of doctors' appointments and sleepless nights. I know, I know, it sounds like I'm whining, but it seriously has NOT stopped since the beginning of January. I'll come to a place where I think it's finally behind us, only to have some other strange symptom appear and then it's off to the doctor's office or emergency room we go.

Anyways, my ambition and creativity are at an all time low. BUT, I'm gonna add a quick update and hope you'll all forgive me for the scattered, unedited, sloppy, wordy sentences that is my mind lately...thought runs into thought, which runs into get the picture.

* First off, please, if you are a praying person, pray for my son, Connor. It sounds bad to say, but I am exhausted with all the weird things happening to him and just need it to stop! If I'm not losing sleep because he wakes me, I'm losing sleep worrying about the weirdness that's cropped up in him. Nothing serious or life-threatening...just weird and bizaare...and I need it to end and for him to be healthy.

Since I wrote the above, we saw our amazing doctor and I believe Connor is on the final stretch. One last thing to fix and I'm hoping, praying, we'll all remain healthy.

** A conversation a couple of weeks ago...

Connor - "Dad, do I have to go to school tomorrow?"
Chad - "Yes."
Connor - Big long sigh. "I don't want to go. I'd rather stay home."
Chad - "Why? What's wrong with school."
Connor - "There's this girl I sit by, and everday she loses her pencil and then she always says I took it and I don't! Why would I take her pencil? I have my own pencils!"
Chad - "Well, next time she does that, tell the teacher that she's blaming you and you don't like it. The teacher will deal with it."

A few days ago...

Me - "Hey, Honey, how was school?"
Connor - "Good."
Me - "Did you eat all your lunch?"
Connor - "Uh...I don't think"
Me - "You didn't? Why?"
Connor - "Some of the girls took my nutrigrain bar and smashed it until it was all in little pieces."
Me - "They did?! "
Connor - "Uh-huh. And they also took some of my lunch and hid it. They took my napkin, I think."
Me - "Oh."
Connor - Sounding confused and frustrated, "Why would they do that?"
Me - "Um, they were probably just trying to be funny. They were just teasing you."
Connor - "Well I didn't like it and I told my teacher. She said that she would take care of it and that they wouldn't do it anymore.
Me - "Okay, that's good."

Later at supper that night...

Connor - "Dad, I told my teacher that the girls were taking my lunch and she said she would stop them. That was some good advice you gave me, Dad."
Chad - "Good. Your welcome."
Benen - "What's 'a-vice'?"
Me - "Ad-vice. It's when you suggest to someone a way to deal with a situation. You give them an example of what they could do."
Chad - "I told Connor to talk to his teacher if he was having any problems."
Me - "It's suggesting to someone how to fix a problem."
Benen - "Oh, like this! Connor I have some advice for you. Like maybe next time, whatever she does to you, you just do it back!"


*** My baby turned three on the ninth. I can't believe how quick the time has gone. He's still my baby, though. The problem is he knows it and he's beginning to work that angle. Such a mix of "adorable" and "mischief."

He has this one best friend and they are soooo cute together. It's my good friend's daughter, and the two of them are only 6 weeks apart in age. They've grown up together and they have the most unique friendship. I have never seen two kids connect, play and communicate like these two. They are hilarious together!

****At supper tonight...

Benen: (trying to get Connor in trouble) "Mom, Connor opened his eyes when we were praying."
Me: "He did?"
Benen: "Uh-huh."
Me: "Benen, you know what that tells me? It tells me you had your eyes open, too."
Benen: (pauses to think) "Well, you know, I just had my eyes open to check."

A little later during supper...

Benen: "Mom, you know, God can turn into a dinosaur."
Me: "Well, it's not really like that Benen. God doesn't turn into a dinosaur."
Benen: "But mom, he could turn into a dinosaur if he wants to."
Me: "Benen, God doesn't have to turn into a dinosaur. He's God. He created everything."
Benen: "But he can!"
Me: "Benen, no."
Benen: "But, Mom, he CAN! He's the Amazing God."

How do you argue with that? I agreed.

After supper...

Benen: "Hey, Mom, I'm your fan!"

I just laughed. It was completely random, out of nowhere.

*****This weekend we're celebrating Connor's seventh birthday. He turns seven on the twenty-third and I can NOT believe I have a son that old. He's growing up so quickly. He's such a smart kid and I love the conversations we have. He's a deep little thinker, which can be VERY frustrating when he's plying me for details a hundred times, but he thinks and reasons beyond his years.

The other day I had just finished filling his prescription at the pharmacy. As we're walking away from the counter, Connor turns to me and lets out a deep sigh. "I'm worried I'm costing you too much money."

"Connor, you are worth every penny!"

"But, I'm just thinking you won't have any money left."

"Connor you're not suppose to worry about money. You're six. When you have a family of your own to take care of and support, then you can worry about money."

"No, I'm not worrying about it, just thinking. I don't want you to run out of money."

"Are you concerned I won't have money and that you won't get all the toys you want for your birthday?"

"No, it's not that. It's just I really care about you a lot and I don't want to use all your money."

"Honey, don't you worry. We have money. And I would give anything for you. Okay?"


Now, when my kids have been begging for stuff in the toy aisle, I have used the phrase, "No, that costs too much money" for expensive toys, but I remember my mom saying things like that, or saying we didn't have the money for stuff and I never worried about it. Connor is such a sensitive soul and sometimes I'm still surprised at the things he takes to heart.

******Well, this post is getting long and I have to get ready to head to the church for worship practice. I have no idea what songs we're going to do this week, but I'm planning to work on this new Brian Doerksen song tonight and use it for Sunday. Enjoy!