Friday, March 30, 2007

Shotgun Blessings!

Have you ever had something great happen, but it happens so fast that, at the time, you feel like you're just trying to keep up? A sudden vacation that's planned, but leaves you scrambling to pack in one day? that new car you weren't expecting to get yet, but goes on sale? a house that you've been looking at that suddenly comes on the market? that business venture you had been pondering that all of a sudden takes off?

Okay, my thing isn't quite as big as those, but still left me spinning. Our pastor and his wife were getting rid of their four-year-old fridge, stove and microwave and I was needing new ones. Well, just the stove really. In the space of 2 minutes I was scrambling to empty my fridge and stove, pull them both out and vacuum and scrub the floors behind each. (I hadn't cleaned behind there since we moved in). At the time, I felt rushed to get things done with three kids who needed supper. I had no table (my fridge stuff was spread out on it) and hungry babes. I couldn't fully appreciate what a blessing this was turning out to be.

But now, I'm sitting back and looking at my "new" white stove, fridge and microwave and I'm thinking, "wow, this is great." And the best part is, the oven is self-cleaning! That is HUGE for me. I have a habit of boiling things over, both on the stove and in the oven! I call this a "Shotgun Blessing"!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Annoying Habits

I have these annoying habits that drive my husband crazy. I'm sure all of us have certain things we do that make our loved ones roll their eyes, or sigh in exasperation. Here's a few of mine:

  • 1. I tell him to turn off the headlights on the van when we reach our destination. This may not seem like a big deal except for the fact that the van beeps to remind you. I always wait until the dinging starts and then say, "honey, headlights." Drives him nuts!
  • 2. I am a night person. I get most of my ambition during the late hours; 10:00 hits and I start thinking it's time to clean out the spare bedroom and re-organize our closet! My dear hubby, a confirmed morning person, is stuck vacuuming, scrubbing floors and rearranging furniture until the late, or very early hours!
  • 3. I'm an obsessive planner. If I have a job to do, I like to plan it down to the very minutest detail. I know the best route to the grocery store, friends' houses, parent's, church etc. It's either my way or, quite literally, the highway! LOL!
  • 4. I like to think I'm adventurous when it comes to trying new things. In reality, I'm not. We'll go to a restaurant and I'll order some exotic sounding dish...then switch with my hubby after I take the first bite.
  • 5. I'm a klutz. I walk around in my own world, oblivious to others around me. I've been known to walk into the broadside of a my own house! Hubby says he comes shopping with me just to protect the unsuspecting, innocent bystanders.

So fess up. What are some of your weird habits?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Excuse for not Blogging #3

I haven't the time today. I'm getting my nails done! And I'm cooking a big meal for friends.

What can I say? It's called priorities! LOL!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Guy Sight

Guy Sight - a condition that periodically affects the male gender when asked to retrieve, find or look for an item.

We've all heard of hindsight and the popular saying, "hindsight is 20/20," but I've found there to be this other phenomenon - guy sight. It's a condition in which a man or boy with perfect vision can temporarily be struck blind in certain situations - situations that may sound something like this....

"Sweetheart," hubby calls, "where's the cheese?"

"It's in the fridge," she answers.

"I don't see it."

"It's right inside the door on the top shelf."

Silence. "I can't find it," he calls.

She walks into the kitchen to find him standing in front of the open fridge door, staring blankly inside. She gently, or not so gently, moves him aside, slides open the little compartment on the fridge door marked "cheese" and calmly hands him the cheddar.

Hubby smiles. "Do we have any mayo?"

Sound familiar? And it's not only my hubby. I'm finding that my young sons are affected with this peculiar affliction as well. Like the other day, I asked my oldest son to go into his brother's room and bring me the brown boots.

"They're on the dresser," I say.

He walks down the hall and into the room. A few minutes later he returns. "Here, mom," he says and hands me the baby's slippers.

"No, honey, those aren't the boots. The boots are brown and they're on the dresser."

He looks at the slippers he's holding. "Oh." He disappears back down the hall. "I can't find them," he shouts.

From my vantage point I can see he's gone too far into the room. "Honey, that's the change table. I said they're on the dresser."

"Is this the dresser?"

"No, that's the floor. I said the dresser. Dresser!"

"Is this them?"

"No, that's a blue envelope. I said the brown boots!"

"These?" comes the innocent reply.

"Yes, those. Please bring them, I need both of them!"

Anyone else have something like this happen?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mommy the Grouch!

I have a bit of a confession. I'm a grouch. I don't do mornings. But it hit me today just how often I tend to let my grouchiness invade my life. It just kind of spills over on to my children who, bless their hearts, are the sweetest, most forgiving, totally adoring boys.

I often feel like Oscar from Sesame Street when someone bangs on his garbage can. He shouts out, "who's there?" in that grumpy voice of his. Me, I hear the not-so-soft padding of little feet approaching my bedroom at the ungodly hour of...uh...7:00 a.m., and I crack one eyelid and growl, "waddayawant."

I was gently shown today by my five-year-old that I was being Mommy the Grouch. He so sweetly looked at me and said, "Mom, I still love you even when I bother you." Huh? I was shocked! When I asked what he meant he said, "I still love you when you're grouchy."

God overflowed my cup when he gave me my three children. No matter how often I grump or growl, those big eyes (all six of them) stare up at me in total adoration. They forgive in the blink of an eye my sour behaviour. Those little hearts are willing to overlook all my faults and they wrap their little arms around me and proclaim, "I love you even when you grouch."

Is there any greater blessing than that?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shake It, Baby!

This past weekend my in-laws took myself, hubby, brother-in-law and his wife to Jubilations to collectively celebrate our birthdays. This was my first time attending a dinner theatre and I was unsure of what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at the party-like atmosphere and settled in to enjoy a night of food, fun and laughter! I had no idea that my chicken was going to be served with a side of humiliation!

One of the serving cast members stopped by our table and asked for volunteers during the show - two ladies, one man. My hubby, being the thoughtful, considerate man that he is (cough, cough), adamantly insisted that the rest of us were it. After much cajoling, we gave in and agreed. Through the beginning of the performance my stomach was in knots wondering when, and exactly what, we would be required to do. And then came the dreaded pat on the shoulder and the whispered, "we're ready for you," in my ear. I got up on shaky legs and followed the staff member, the butterflies tap-dancing in my belly.

We were led off to the side where we were given instructions on what to do. "When it's time, you're going to dance with the cast members."

Oh no, I'm thinking, not dancing! Anything but dancing! This is exactly what I had been fearing. For those of you who don't know me, I was raised in a conservative Baptist Christian home. Did you catch the word "Baptist"? As in we-don't-dance-we-keep-our-feet-planted Baptist! I can count on one hand the number of times I've danced. It's not that I don't think dancing is great, it's just that I've never been taught how to dance. To make matters worse, the fairy (that was his costume) tells me that I'm going to dance with the Samurai Knight. As I look towards the stage, I conclude that he's talking about the man who's singing and dancing right up front. No off to the side, minor role for me. We're talking CENTER STAGE!

"Him," I gulp, "me?" The man nods and seals my fate. Deep breaths, take deep breaths, I remind myself.

Finally we are shuffled towards the stage and I look up to see this hand reaching down to pull me up the steps. The Samurai Knight whispers for me to do what he does, and before I know it, I find myself on stage, spotlights on me. I fixed my eyes on that knight (or rather, mostly his feet) and found myself shimmying and shaking to the Beatles's "Twist and Shout". The great thing was, the spotlights were so bright I could barely make out the audience. And the whole time I was "dancing" (I use that term lightly) the actor's eyes were encouraging and friendly. That made it easier and surprisingly, I found myself letting go of the worries (other than tripping and falling on my face) and actually having fun!

We had an awesome night, and I did get to see my husband up on stage. He had to go up and dance with the "birthday group". My birthday is a ways off and I managed to dodge that one!

What a wonderful memory!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Excuse for not Blogging #2

Gone Fishin'!

Well, technically we're not fishing, but we are on a holiday of sorts. We've headed to my in-laws. We're going to relax there for a few days and enjoy being together. I'm also going to take in my first dinner theatre. My in-laws are taking my hubby and I, as well as my brother-in-law and his wife, to a dinner theatre on Sunday. Just the six of us and NO KIDS! Now, that's a holiday! LOL!

I'll be back on Wednesday. Have a great weekend, y'all!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Willing to Drown!

Steven Curtis Chapman wrote a song that goes:

I'm divin' in, I'm goin' deep
In over my head I wanna be
Caught in the rush, tossed in the flow
In over my head I wanna go.
The river's deep, the river's wide,
The river's water is alive
So sink or swim I'm divin' in.

I've come to love that song. It talks about falling head-long into a love relationship with Jesus. I love the reckless abandon that the song portrays. There's no thought to survival, just simple surrender; a desire to be over your head, sink or swim.

I came across a saying that goes, "Dive deep; drown willingly." What an invigorating challenge. To take that deep breath and dive into deep waters. There's no wading involved; no cautious testing of the water. It doesn't say go in to your knees, or your waist or even your chin. It says dive deep, all the way, a hundred percent! Let Jesus be your very breath; let Him continue to breathe His life into your spirit. There's no need for a life preserver when we have THE Life Preserver!

So let's take the plunge! It's time to stop dipping our toes in the water and jump in. Get ready to get wet! Let's dive deep, willing to drown! Sink or swim.....

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Little People - Big Ears

Road Rage. We've all seen it, heard about it and, if we're honest, have experienced it a time or two. It may not be volatile; it may be subtle, more a pounding of the steering wheel, a choice word or two, a honking of the horn. And most of us are guilty. You've heard the phrase, "your sins will find you out." Well, with children, I find that my "sins" find me much sooner!

I'm driving along, minding my own business, when all of a sudden this car pulls out, cutting me off!

"What!" I shout. "Oh, Come ON! Idiot!"

My five-year-old in the back seat had been telling me something, when my sudden outburst shocks him. "I'm sorry, mom. I'm sorry."

Instant remorse. "No, honey, it's okay. Mommy's not yelling at you. There was a bad driver and mommy got frustrated. It's okay."

"Alright, mom," comes his hesitant voice from the back. I glance in the rear-view mirror and he's staring back at me warily. I'm feeling about 2 inches high.

Or, the other day I'm stuck behind this slow driver, once again with my five-year-old in the back, and not thinking I say, "Come on, Grandpa!"

His innocent reply was, "Is it Grandpa Vaughn or Grandpa Smith?" (Names were changed to protect the innocent).

"Uh," I stutter, "it's neither, honey. Just some slow driver." And it dawns on me. Next time I could be shouting at my own father! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Sigh.....It's tough to remember that there are always little people with big ears listening. It amazes me how much children pick up of the things around them. They are so smart and so bright! We need to guard our tongues and be careful of what our actions say. And next time I'm following a slow driver......I'll take a deep breath and try to relax. You never know who it may turn out to be!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You Can Pick Your Nose and Your Friends...but Your Family?

This past weekend I was at a family wedding and I realized something once again. You can't pick your family. This wasn't a new revelation by any means, but rather a re-awakening.

We were sitting around the table at the reception, laughing and talking, when the idea to pull a prank on someone came up. We have one family member that everyone gives a hard time to. She's the family matriarch and we all show our love by ribbing her just a bit.

Well, let the games begin! Things got a little wild at our table and it was at a particularly boisterous moment that I realized we're crazy! I'm not talking just me and those at my table. I'm talking ALL my extended family. I have a large family and each member is weird and quirky in their own way. Together we have more "nuts" than a squirrel in the fall! But it's a lot of fun and laughter. I am blessed with the biggest, craziest, nuttiest family and I like it!

Anyone else have some crazy relatives? Maybe a little crazy yourself? Be honest. LOL!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Good Friend...Good Shoes!

A good friend is like a good pair of shoes. They may be hard to find, but they're worth the wait! I was thinking the other day how we want shoes to be comfortable, a perfect fit, to wear well and look good. A good friend is like that.

Finding a friend who is a perfect fit can be impossible. That's why I believe that when one does come along, it is a true gift from God. A blessing that's invaluable! Like that perfect pair of shoes, a good friend is someone who you're comfortable with. Someone who knows where all your secret messes are hidden, both on the outside and on the inside. They quietly roll up their sleeves and are willing to dive in and help you organize the messiness of house and life. They can hold the mirror up to us and love us at the same time. Your ugliness doesn't scare them - they see the diamond God is making you to be! And they wear well! With each road they walk with you, they become more valuable, each scuff mark a sign of endurance and strength!

I have friends like this and you know who you are! Friends who are blessings straight from a Father who loves me. They are people I never thought would "click" with me, but they have been the ones to hold my hand, to share my tears, fears, sorrows, joys and laughter. They have held up that mirror and pointed out some ugliness, and then loved me right through it! They push me to be a better Christian, wife, mother and friend, but they accept me where I'm at. Who am I that I would be so blessed?

So today, I'm going to thank God for good friends.....and good shoes!

Friday, March 9, 2007

No Boys Allowed! Keep Out!

Okay, it's not as if boys can't go beyond this point, but I felt it only right to give the male gender a fair warning. This post is all about shopping! Yes, old-fashioned, girly-girl talk. I had a surprisingly successful shopping trip and I want to blab about it. As a size....well let's just say I'm not a size 6, happy shopping is not something I come by very often. At least I don't always have the best of luck with clothes. LOL!

Anyways, yesterday I went looking for a shirt to wear to this family wedding on Saturday. I have this great pair of pin-striped dress pants with this cuff on the bottom that I'm getting hemmed. They're a loose leg with a pleat down the center. Very cute. Well, I managed to find two lace-trimmed camisoles (one green and one white), a gorgeous black cardigan sweater and this funky black and white dress shirt. SUCCESS! And all in the first store I tried!

Then it was off to find shoes. I've been looking for a new pair of running shoes. I wanted something funky, yet neutral enough to go with anything. Today I hit the jackpot! I found the shoes I've been wanting. I took one look at them and it was love-at-first-sight! And in my size!! They are so comfortable!

*sigh* Yeah, it was a good day!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

That Idiom!

Idioms are funny things, aren't they? Weird phrases that imply a different meaning. The other day someone told my five-year-old son "mums the word." He was baffled. He just looked up at us with a blank look on his face. We were buying a birthday present for my brother (his uncle) and I tried to explain that the phrase, "mums the word" means that it's a secret, that we can't tell what we bought.

As we were leaving the store, we ran into my brother and father in the parking lot. My son looked at his uncle and shouted, "MOM!" I burst out laughing! There was confusion on the adult faces and my son's shone with pride at the use of his "grown up" word. He calmly explained that "mom" meant it was a secret and that he couldn't tell!

Aren't kids precious? So innocent, so sweet, so FUNNY!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Quiver Me Timbers!!

So, I tried the ball.

I did a 15 minute routine last night.

I'm walking on shaky legs today!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Say, WHAT?

So the other day my husband says to me, "Honey, do you think you'd ever use an exercise bike?"

I looked at him, sparks shooting from my eyes. "Say, WHAT?" I could not believe he had said that! Just what was he insinuating?! Doesn't an excercise bike imply that one is working up a sweat? The only time I work up a sweat is if I'm fighting my way to a buffet line! Or if I'm fending off a swarm of angry, hormone-crazed woman, all elbowing for the last piece of chocolate! LOL!

"No, I didn't mean anything. It's for ME," he quickly replies. I'm feeling somewhat appeased and my ruffled feathers begin to smooth. "They're on sale and I was thinking of getting one along with an excercise ball."

There's that dreaded "e" word again. Apparently he's been thinking it would be nice to have some, uh activity aparatus, around the house (note: no use of "e" word). Hmmm, I think, are those the balls that you bounce on? do they come with a handle? I'm seeing myself hopping around the basement on a big, bouncy, ball laughing with my children as we play silly games.

"There are some specific exercises for the ball that are supposed to be really good for you."

POOF!! My bubble has burst.

So, he bought the ball. The bike is still up for debate!

Monday, March 5, 2007


HA! I know what you're thinking. You read the title and thought, "Whoa, what's she writing about now?" Well, you'd be wrong. I've been thinking a lot about desire lately and not the kind between man and woman......or woman and chocolate. LOL! I'm talking about those deep desires of our heart. Those longings and yearnings that bring physical pain and cause our spirit to groan.

When our spirit aches, when our very being longs for some elusive desire, what are we to do? The bible tells us in Psalm 37:4, "Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." I believe this means that He places within each of our hearts specific desires. I also believe that if He places that longing within us, that He will bring it to fruition in His timing and in His way. It may not look exactly as we imagined. It may not come at the time we feel best. But we need to stand ready. We need to grasp the promise that the God of love has our best in mind. There may be suffering along the way, but He walks with us and holds our hand. We need to "delight [ourselves] in the Lord," not only when the road is smooth, but especially when it's strewn with heartache and pitfalls. That's when we need to say "Blessed be the name of the Lord." For when we stand firm, with arms raised and open wide, only then can He rain down His blessing.

And He wants to bless us! He has given us desires in our hearts that he will fulfill in His time according to His plan. And as we wait, we know that "those who wait for the Lord will renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint" - Isaiah 40:31. So let's wait for Him, let's rest in Him. And not only will we find strength, but we will soar!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Excuse for not Blogging #1

My mother always taught me that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all! I'm heeding her advice (see mom, I do remember some things you taught me) and I plan to have a lazy day. I'm going to curl up with Fire Dancer, a new book by Colleen Coble, and help the heroine catch the arsonist! It'll make for an exciting afternoon. Nothing like chasing a bad guy from fire to fire to get the adrenaline pumping! Well, that and a dashing hero, of course! LOL!

So, you all have a good weekend. I'm off to get a cup of coffee and my book! Later.

P.S. I need to give a shout out to my brother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Shout Out!!

Today is March 1st and, although technically not my husband's birthday, I still want to give a shout out to him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You see, he was born on February 29 some years ago (see, honey, I omitted the year) and only gets to have a real birthday every 4 years. So, Happy 7 3/4 birthday! Ooops. Oh, well. You math people should be able to figure it out.

Anyways, sweetheart that he is, he actually reads this blog....yeah, he loves me. He actually encouraged me to start this blog. Maybe he was thinking that if I write down the weird, crazy things in my head, I'll be less inclined to share them with him at 12:30 at night. LOL! Hey, wait a minute!!

Well, anyways, I'm thinking of you on your sort-of-birthday! I love you!