Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"Miles From You" - Marianne Arkins

It's 1948, and thirty-four year-old diner owner Millie Townsend is well on the shelf. Millie's fallen hard for regular customer, Paul Whittier, a veteran of World War II and a civil engineer. When she discovers he's accepted a new job out of state and it's their last evening together, how can this ultra-shy spinster find the nerve to show she's interested in more than just friendship?

"Miles From You" is Marianne Arkins' third release from The Wild Rose Press. Congratulations, Marianne! Her other stories, "Tickle Fights and Barbecues" and "Now That We've Found You" are also available for purchase.

I have read both of Marianne's other stories and enjoyed the light banter and gentle romance that seem to be her style. The stories and characters were enjoyable and left me with that "ahh, ain't that sweet" feeling. I'm looking forward to reading this newest release. I encourage you to stop by the Wild Rose and purchase one or all of her stories. You won't be disappointed.

Also, for this week Marianne is running a contest over at her blog. There's a prize basket that includes some chocolate! Be sure to check it out. And if you leave a comment, just remember to let her know I sent you. LOL!

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Marianne Arkins said...

Hey, thanks! And, yes, I loved the YouTube video... very funny (and totally a guy thing). Got you down for two so far... Good luck!