Thursday, May 10, 2007

What Goes Up...Doesn't Always Come Down!

My baby has finally learned to pull himself up into a standing position. This is a huge accomplishment for him. He's almost 15 months old and is a little behind his time. There's only one problem. He hasn't learned how to sit back down! So, now I'm spending most of days "rescuing" him from one predicament or another. It's become a vicious cycle. I've tried the whole leave-him-cry-and-he'll-figure-it-out technique, but it's not working. He just cries harder and acts like, "oh, help! Won't somebody who loves me please help?" It's pathetic.

And he took his first big fall the other day. He pulled the phone table over on himself. It's a light weight table and there's not much that sits on it, but it sure scared him. And it left him with a little bruise under one eye. Still, there was no blood so that's good. Emergency avoided.

Also, this getting up and unable to get down, has caused some problems at bedtimes. He's decided to sit up and fight the sleep. The only problem - he can't lay back down. So naturally, I'm in the room a few times a night to "rescue" him. It's startling to walk into a dark room expecting to tuck in a sleeping baby only to find these two, big blue eyes staring back at you. Made me jump out of my skin!

Well, he's at it again and I should go help him. Supermom to the rescue!


Anonymous said...

That is just to funny!LOL I can't help but laugh when I think how it must have startled you to see eyes in the dark room.LOL I can also imagine those little eyes quietly looking at you waiting to be rescued, and the sigh of relief that must have come from your little man to finally be able to lay his head down.LOL

The things that go on at your house are very entertaining and funny. (In a good way) They usually give a good chuckle and that certainly helps to make my day.

Anonymous said...

hehehe, he likes to stay up. Sounds like a certain person who liked to read books till very, very late. and then was very very tired for school the next day. You're kids are hilarious.

The Mailman's Wife said...

hey, that is too cute! I hope my dd doesn't start that anytime soon! I have gotten accustomed to sleeping through the nights now since she was a few weeks old. I couldn't imagine having to get up in the nights now! With my luck she will do that while we are in college! GRRR! Oh the joys!

Shauna said...

ym, I'm glad that their escapades make you chuckle! Those boys give me many laughs a day. True blessings!

anonymous, hey anyone who likes to stay up reading, is alright with me! That's one top-notch person!

Miss, I hate to break it to you, but they all seem to go through that "testing" phase. You reach the point where you think to yourself, "finally, I've got this parenting thing down," and then they make a liar out of you! LOL! It may not always be easy, but it is rewarding. :-)