Monday, July 2, 2007

The Next Picasso

I’m a proud mother today! Well, I’m a proud mother everyday, but today I would like to display for you my son’s artwork.

He drew this the other day on his Doodle Pro and, since I can’t hang it on the fridge, I’m going to hang it here. On my blog. Cyberspace is my virtual “fridge.”

He’s five years old and I think this is genius for his age. Perhaps because it is better than I could do. LOL!

I'll explain the picture for those who may not be up on their Veggie Tales. This is a picture of Larry Boy - notice the super-suction ears. My son drew this picture from memory...he watches a lot of Larry Boy. For those of you who frequent this blog, you know my son's obsession with superheroes. It is no surprise that he drew a hero.

What is surprising is the detail that he included. There's the pointy thing on the top of his head, the mask, the super-suction ears, the mouth with one tooth, the jacket with it's ties and the belt. I think this is pretty impressive for a five year old. 'Course, I also thought those first scribbles were worthy of display. LOL!

Okay, have I bragged enough??


Jeff and Ashlee Thomas said...

You should be a very proud parent! I would say that this is quite impressive. You have every right to brag & have your DH pop a few buttons (though not from your cooking LOL).


Shauna said...

at, this little man was pretty impressed that mommy took a picture of his picture! :-) I'll have to show him that I posted it on the computer. It'll thrill him to no end!

The Mailman's Wife said...


Anonymous said...

There's no doubt about it, he's sure to be the next Picasso.LOL He must have a good superhero art teacher.LOL