Friday, July 6, 2007

Pucker Up!

Your Famous Movie Kiss is from The Princess Bride

"This is true love - you think this happens every day?"

Whoooo-hooooo! This is one of my all-time, favorite movies! How could you not love it?? I must say that I am trilled to be this kiss. I think this is one of the most romantic, passionate kisses ever!! *sigh* Every time I watch this movie I get butterflies at this scene!

Take the test and let me know in the comments what kiss you are. Steamy? Sweet? Spontaneous? Don't be shy!


Katybug said...

Great balls of fire...I am Gone With The Wind!!!

Jenster said...

LOL Katybug. I'm Romeo and Juliet. I love those blogthings. They're a hoot!

BTW - Princess Bride is one of my all time favorite movies, too!

Shauna said...

Katybug and jenster, you both are too much fun! Gone With The Wind and Romeo and Juliet...yeah, those are great ones!

Jeff and Ashlee Thomas said...

I came up with The Princess Bride too. Man, that is such a great movie!

Shauna said...

Ash, I've got a hankerin' to watch this movie again! Too bad you weren't here. We could watch it together along with some nice, rich chocolate!