Friday, June 29, 2007

Long Weekends

Aren't long weekends great?!

Canada Day is on Sunday, with the holiday being Monday. I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. And it feels like my weekend is beginning early.

My DH came home this morning to finish some paper work...and he brought me a coffee! So right there my day started off great. He had to head back to hand the papers in, but he's coming home so I can go for lunch with a girlfriend! YEAH!

I think I may spend a little time browsing the bookstore today. It's so exciting walking through the store, books piled high on shelves. Just seeing all those beautiful covers and smelling that new-book smell (fresh paper and ink) is invigorating!

I think I'm going to try and get a photo up on my profile. That is, if I can get my hair to cooperate. I generally don't like cameras, but I'm beginning to feel like The Woman Without A Face.

I have "tunnel vision." A condition that allows me to see and hear only what is right in front of me. When I'm on the computer, reading a book or watching a movie, the rest of the world ceases to exist...much to the frustration of my hubby! I come by it honestly, though. My dad has the same infliction. I've tried telling my hubby that I'm not ignoring him when I'm reading, it's just that I can be across an ocean, in the wilderness, lost in a past century or fleeing for my life...and it just takes a little while for me to return to reality.

Well, I'm rambling today as you can read. I'm just typing whatever comes to mind. What's on your mind?


Melissa said...

I'll be going to a Canda Day party on Sunday! I didn't even know about the holiday until last year when some parents from school got together and offered a party at the yearly auction. So much fun. Canadian games, food and beverages! Even a trivia game!!!

Have a good weekend! And thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

Work seems to be in the schedule for my Canada Day weekend. Work Sat. Work Monday. Sunday have 9+ people over for lunch after church. A rather hectic weekend for me but I normally get Sunday till Tuesday off so I guess I kind of have a long weekend most weeks anyways.

I was really encouraged this week by a message. If anyone has time go to Christian Life Assembly's website & listen to last Sunday's message by Joyce (Heron) Rees who works for Jacob's Well in East Vancouver, do it! Very thought provoking & encouraging!!! Won't spoil anything - just listen to some of it if you can. It changed my thoughts on what is the 'Kingdom of God'. Grab a cup of coffee & relax to listen.


Jenster said...

I hope your day yesterday was lovely - lunch and a book store. Is there much better??

Shauna said...

Melissa, thanks for stopping here and I hope you enjoyed your Canada Day party!

at, I'll have to check out that message sometime...when the boys are sleeping. LOL!

Jen, my plans fell through - hubby got called in to work. *sigh* But my girlfriend and I had supper yesterday to make up for it. :-)