Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rockin' Blogger & Random Ramblings

Wow! Jen at jenstersmusings just bestowed this "Rockin' Blogger" award on me. ME!! I am waaaaaay overwhelmed! Click here to jump over and check out her blog. It's the one I lusted after last week. LOL! And you'll see her reasons for bestowing this award on me. She's so funny, she makes me laugh!

So, now it is time for me to pass on this award to five people who I think ROCK! I didn't realize how difficult this decision would be, but here are my choices....

The women of Girls Write Out! These four wonderful, witty, wacky women never cease to amaze me! And they make me laugh out loud!

Brenda over at No Rules. Just Write. She is an amazing, talented author with a sense of humor that just gets to me! I love her blog, her website and her books. She claims that writing dialogue is easy for her. She just transcribes the voices in her head! LOL!

Cheryl at Squirrel's Treehouse. She is an amazing woman of God whose outlook is inspiring. Her blog makes me laugh and, when I read her posts, I totally get why she's soon to be published! She has such a fun, unique way of writing.

Angela at lighten up. She has such a wonderful sense of humor, her kids are adorable and funny and her stories about her husband's antics just crack me up! She's an aspiring author who, I know, is going to make it!

Marianne at Reading, Writing and Stuff That Makes Me Crazy and LASR. How she manages to maintain her blog, website and the review blog just boggles my mind. She's been a great help as I've ventured into new waters and she still manages to find time to write great stories!

So there you have it. Those are my choices.

So, today I was sitting downstairs and my kids were playing superheroes...naturally. I heard my 5 year-old, Connor, say to his 3 1/2 year-old brother, Benen, "Come on Agent double 'O'." And then they leaped over the couch. Now, I know for a fact my children have never seen a Bond movie, which begs the question, where did he learn this?? It just proves my theory that these traits are woven into a male's genetic makeup. They're just born with it!

What do you do with a spoiled baby? I thought it ridiculous when someone would say the baby of the family always gets spoiled. Apparently it's true. I have a baby with 'tude! It's not that we haven't set boundaries and rules. We have! We just haven't enforced them as strictly. And now we're really having to crack down. *sigh*

It's hot. I mean hot, hot, HOT! And I'm watching my children bounce around and climb over furniture with an abundance of energy. Where do they get it? And could someone please find a way to bottle it?? I'd like a little for myself. And I'd like to save some for when they're teenagers and realize the luxury of laying around. LOL!


Swishy said...

Yay! Congratulations! And Jenster has EXCELLENT taste :)

Marianne Arkins said...

I rock? Really?? I'll post my response to this on Friday... tomorrow I have to book it!

Gosh, thanks.

Jenster said...

You totally rock! And not just because of your curly locks. That's just a bonus.

Angela does rock!

LOL on the James Bond thing. And I'm the baby of three and definitely spoiled! But in a good way. :o)

Hope you're managing to stay cool.

angela said...

Thanks guys. With as much as I neglect my blog, I'm surprised by the award. Though my kids do deserve it for how cute they are. I guess I should go post something new. And if I were to give out awards, they would definitely go to Shauna and Jenster.