Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Inside the heart of a man...

...lives unending love and loyalty to *insert sport of choice here*. For my DH it's hockey and, more specifically, the Edmonton Oilers. I have never seen such deep devotion and pride. It's humbling really.

This past week began the start of hockey trades. I don't understand a thing about it except that it keeps my husband glued to the computer for hours on end. And when he's not on the computer, he's watching TSN or Sportsnet....while listening to live feed on the Internet! I have had to chuckle at hubby running to the computer every few minutes for the most recent news. And it's updated every 2 to 3 minutes!

He has lived and breathed hockey for the last week. I find it amusing that it has so consumed his mind. We'll be in the van driving somewhere and he starts to mumble about deadlines, possible trades, caps etc. He turns to me and blurts out stats and numbers like I should understand this strange language he's speaking.

For the most part I've managed to subdue the laughter and I try to appear interested. But there have been times when the humour has gotten the best of me. It's just too funny! You would think the love of his life was coming to town he's that excited. But of course, I live with him. LOL! Oh, what passion!

But, I'm hardly one to talk. Nothing is more exciting to me than the release of a long awaited book by a most beloved author! :-) Okay, okay...and chocolate and coffee! I guess everyone has their weaknesses!


Marianne Arkins said...

Oh my gosh... that is SO funny. My DH is a Colorado Avalanche superfan (don't tell your hubs) and leaps on the computer constantly to see who's signed whom where. He's still hoping the Avs will get Chris Drury back (me, too!).

Actually, I like hockey, too. But don't live my life around the trades... We should get them together and let them duke it out over who has the better team and we could drink coffee and talk about books. And kids. And chocolate. You know -- the important stuff.

Marianne Arkins said...

My DH says to tell your hubby that, "This Colorado fan appreciates the gift of Ryan Smith to our team for the next five years. We'll take good care of him."

I imagine this is something that will make your DH unhappy...

Jenster said...

All we have to do is exchange "Edmonton Oilers" with just about any hockey team and this could be my life! LOL

I have to admit, though, that I love hockey, too. It's my favorite sport to watch.

But I'm with you on the much awaited book, coffee and chocolate. And to have all three at the same time is nothing short of rapture!