Monday, July 9, 2007

When the Fancy Strikes

The other day, I came downstairs in the morning to find my three-inch, high-heel sandals laying on the family room floor. I was a little baffled, believing I had put them away in the closet. I shrugged, picked them up and returned them to the porch closet. The following morning, I rolled out of bed and came downstairs to check on the boys. I found them watching t.v. and again my sandals were laying on the floor. Okay, I was definitely confused. I went upstairs to get breakfast ready and called the boys. As they came up stairs I asked them what had happened.

Me: "Who took out my sandals?"

Son #2: "I did."

Me: "Why? What were you doing?"

Son #2: "I was being Minnie. I needed to walk like this." And he proceeded to walk on tippy-toes as if in high-heel shoes.

Me: "Oh. Okay."

Apparently they had been watching the Mickey Mouse Club on t.v. and my three-year-old was dressing up like Minnie Mouse complete with high-heel shoes. I thought it was too cute and a great use of imagination. So, I've been letting him wear my sandals when the fancy strikes him to be Minnie.

That was until Saturday. Saturday he decided he wanted to wear my sandals OUTSIDE.

Me: "No."

Son #2: "But I wanna be Minnie."

Me: "You're not going outside in my shoes."

Son #2: "But I need to walk like this." He demonstrates.

Me: "You can use your imagination. Be Minnie. But you're not wearing my shoes outside."

There are just some lines I'm not willing to cross.


Anonymous said...

That's really cute. It makes me smile.

Btw, I'm the spiderman kiss.


Jenster said...

Too cute. Minnie indeed.

Have you gotten a picture for future diabolical purposes??

When my son was about 2 I walked in on him wearing a diaper, a cowboy hat and my high heels while riding his rocking horse. You can bet I took pictures and now that he's 15 we can have hours of fun with that one picture alone! LOL

Judy Thomas said...

LOL.. that's funny. I hope you get pictures of this. :-)

Shauna said...

Shar, whoo-hoooo! I wanted someone to get the Spiderman kiss. :-)

Jen and Judy, sadly I didn't think to snap a quick photo. However, I do have pics of both my older boys wearing my knee-high, three-inch heel black boots! It's tooooo funny! Definitely one for diabolical purposes! LOL!

Swishy said...

My friend's son thinks it's hilarious to walk around the house in her heels. He's a little older than 3, though ... lol.

The Mailman's Wife said...

LOL I can TOTALLY see your 2nd son doing that!! I just have one ?...How on earth were you able to say no to those beautiful eyes???

Shauna said...

Swishy, I'm not sure what I'll do if this impulse follows him through the years. For one thing, my high-heels keep disappearing!!

Miss, I have to close my eyes when I say no. LOL! Just kidding. But he can use those eyes of his to charm. ;-) Makes me worry about the little girls out there. LOL!