Monday, July 23, 2007


I joined a group called LASR. It stands for Long And Short Reviews and is a blog site, started by Marianne and Judy, where a bunch of us read and write reviews. There is a huge selection of stories including short stories, novellas, anthologies and full-length novels.

You can request which stories you want to review based on a number of different criteria such as, title, author, genre, and heat level. Some of the genres are historical, contemporary, suspense, romance, inspirational and paranormal. Most stories are a combination of genres and almost all include a romance thread.

So, you're probably wondering why I'm going on about this. Well, LASR has the opportunity to grow in a big way. They have been offered a "contract" where they will review all works put out by a publishing press. That's huge, exciting news!! However, it means that we are in desperate need of more people willing to help with the reviews.

You can choose to be a full-time contributor or be a volunteer reviewer where you work on your own time and at your own pace. You can do as many or as few reviews as you can handle. Every little bit helps. And it's FREE READING MATERIAL!! For some of us, that's like paying us in gold. LOL!

So, if this is something that you would be interested in pursuing, you can contact Marianne or Judy at and ask for more details. They would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. I can say they have been great to work with and are always prompt and thorough in their assistance.

So hop on over to LASR and check it out. You can read some reviews, check out some interesting reading material and get a feel for how the reviews go. If you scroll down far enough, you'll see some of the reviews that I've done and you'll realize how simple and fun it is!

And can you pass on the word? The more people we get on board the better!

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