Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Lazy Blogger

I have been feeling lazy lately. I think the summer heat has turned my brain into a melted pile of mush. I've become lethargic, indifferent and uninspired. I try to think of stuff and......nothing. Just a big, blank space where once ideas frolicked and danced.

But no more. And I'm blaming it on the heat. The most frequent thoughts in my mind are, "boy it's hot," and "I wonder if it'll cool down anytime soon," and "maybe we should go swimming...that is, if I can manage to scrounge up the energy to slather sunscreen on three kids and suit them up, manage to wiggle my slick self into a swim suit (didn't this fit better before?), load up kids and bags in the van, drive with air-conditioner blasting across town, unload them and toss them in the pool. With floatation devices."

Those are my most frequent thoughts. Not really blog-worthy. So, I'm being lazy, letting the sun and heat fry my already fried brain. After all, we only get two months of summer.


Jenster said...

Don't worry, Shauna. We, your fans, will be patient! :o)

Enjoy the pool - or at least the a/c.

Shauna said...

LOL! Jen, you called yourself my fan!! You are too funny!

Manic Mom said...

Oh, Hey to Jenster up there! My thoughts these days are "why the hell am i always so freaking cranky?!?!?!"

Thanks for stopping by Manic Moms.

Barb said...

Ever since I turned 40, when the humidity is up in the summer, I feel like a complete zoned-out slug. I'll try to get work done in the morning before the heat builds, but after that it's like I consciously hafta make myself function. Good thing I don't live in equatorial Africa or some tropical place!!! You're not alone, Shauna!

Swishy said...

It seriously is frickin hot. Plus I hate all my summer clothes. It's not good.

Shauna said...

Manic, I loved your blog. Sarcasm, humour, wit...what more do you need??

Barb, I'm going to Costa Rica for a holiday. I'm trying not to think of the heat. :-) I'm also thinking about buying one of those portable, battery operated fans. I may melt away and never return.

Swishy, I hate how I LOOK in my summer clothes! LOL!