Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blog Envy

I'm suffering from Blog Envy. Check out Jen's blog and you'll see what I mean.

Every time I venture over there to see what she's up to, my mouth starts watering and I imagine I can smell fresh coffee brewing. I want to crawl through my computer screen, sift those beans through my fingers and sip that enticing cup of coffee. *sigh*

I'm jealous. I know coveting is a sin, but I'm lusting after this blog background. I just can't help myself. It's become my kryptonite.

On the bright side, Jen writes a ROCKIN' blog! So, it's no real sacrifice to spend some time over there! I suggest you pop over there and take a peek. Just click on the link above, or here, and then sit back and enjoy! Jen has a wonderful, positive spirit and shares her joys and sorrows with an honesty and humour that's refreshing.

And you'll drool over her background. Just remember to wipe your keyboard when you're done. LOL!


Jenster said...

Oh my goodness, Shauna!! What a very nice surprise!! Of course you may be sorry you did this because today's post is a bit "risque". LOL

Thank you for the very sweet plug!

Katybug said...

I AGREE!!! Jen's blog is awesome! She CLEARLY has a lot of fun.

Shauna said...

jen, I read your blog and laughed my head off!! Great pics. I don't think it's too risque. It's FUNNY!

katybug, yup! Jen's blog is awesome and she has way tooo much fun! LOL!

Jenster said...

Thanks, Shauna. I was a little worried about the picture I took for Taylor. But that's me so I decided to do it anyway.