Monday, April 2, 2007

Wash 'n Wear

You know how, when you're having company, and you're doing that last minute clean, you just grab armfuls of stuff and dump it in dark corners, closets or secret places? Well, I was doing a last minute clean job of my room and I grabbed all the dirty clothes on the floor and just dumped them into the laundry sorter. "I'll go back and go through those later," I thought to myself. Except, a week later and it's totally slipped my mind.

Today I'm doing laundry and I grab that load and dump it in the washer...I'm in a hurry. I go back to switch it to the dryer and I'm baffled by all these white paper/gel things all over the clothes. "What is this?" I'm thinking. It's definately got paper in it, but it's also full of little gel capsule thingys. I continue to remove the garments and give them a vicious shake to dispel the little white globs - this creates my own personal rain fall of goobers. Yuck! They're on my clothes, in my hair and down my shirt. Can you say "Gross!"

Finally I reach the end and there among the clothes sits a well-washed, mostly-destroyed pull-up. Now before you get too grossed out, I just want to say that the pull up was clean and dry before it went into the washer. My three-and-a-half year old has been trained for awhile and we only use pull-ups for extra assurance at bedtime.

Anyways, I can guarantee that if you wash a pull-up or diaper or such, you'll definately wear it!


The Mailman's Wife said...

K I needed that laugh! Thanks!!! We are famous for washing bits of paper. The newest this week though was 3 Cold XF capsules in a plastic bag! We might as well have washed gold!!! Those little pills are stinking expensive! It gave me a good chuckle. If you don't laugh you'll cry right? Take care, happy wash and wear!

Anonymous said...

That is so bizzare, that has happened to me two times in the last couple months. RIDICULOUS!! What are the chances really. I blame my husband.LOL My boy also only wears pull ups at night and if they are clean in the morning he automatically changes into underwear, so if they happen to get caught in pajama pants,oops. Needless to say I have been a lot more careful lately.

Marianne Arkins said...

Oh... ick... too funny.

Way back when I was waiting tables, I'd often stick tips in any available pocket and then forget about them. I'd wash and then dry my uniform, and when I opened the dryer, dollar bills would be flying all over the place. It was great (though hopefully the Feds won't get me for laundering money...LOL).

Shauna said...

Miss, I'm usually really good about checking pockets before I wash. My DH leaves all kinds of things in his pockets - guitar picks, work sheets, screws and tools...the list goes on. Somehow, this one caught me.

Anonymous, that is EXACTLY what happened to me...and the crazy thing is, I remember feeling the pull-up in his pajamas and thinking, "I'll get that out later." Well, I got it out later, all right!! LOL!

Marianne, oh to see flying dollar bills! LOL! But isn't it great that money can be "laundered" and come out in one piece...and be squeaky "clean"? :-)