Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back in Black!

I've bought four shirts in the last week that are black. I realized I LOVE black! Not only is it slimming, but it goes with any skin tone. It doesn't just hide unsightly bulges, it also seems to disguise skin imperfections.

Example: My arms are...not great. And I have a weird, pale skin tone with some unusual blotchiness. So, it's hard to find t-shirts and tank-tops that I actually like. However, I was trying on different shirts and colors and realized that my skin doesn't look so...pale, when against black. That seems almost backwards. You would think the darkness would emphasize the whiteness, but for some reason, I think it looks sharper.

So, maybe I'm just weird that way, but I've decided to embrace this. If I like black, I'll buy black. Don't get me wrong, I will also add some color to my wardrobe, but I feel it's okay that I'm not all bright, summery colors. I'm comfortable in black.

What's your favorite and most flattering color?


The Mailman's Wife said...

Well...You no full well that my most flattering color is anything that my friends dress me in! LOL! I honestly don't know. This is why I cannot be trusted to shop on my own.

Shauna said...

Miss, LOL! Basic black. It never goes out of style. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think that black is the best color going.LOL It always looks classy, even in tee-shirts. I find that I have a whole wardrobe of black. I don't mean to buy black but that seems to be the color that makes me feel like I don't stand out. The other color that I seem to pair with black is white. I'm always wanting to get more color but it seems that those two colors seem to rise to the top of the "looks okay" list. White by the way is not a pant or skirt color for me. I have recently been trying to change my color and I find now that I'm getting alot of brown. Dark brown. What is it with me, I'm always admiring the many colors that others wear and wish I could wear them but when I do try them they just don't look the same. Well, there's the whole story on my color life. By the way I do wear lots of blue.LOL (There is a bit of contrast to me, be it small.) I feel very much like the ad that's on TV where the couple are picking colors and say "we wanted to paint the room red but found that wasn't us." So they picked beige. (It's actually an ad for mortgage loans.) Anyway, I can relate to it.LOL

Shauna said...

ym, I also am finding myself drawn to the browns. *shrug* Perhaps, we should add "color" in the accessories! They're always fun and I find the right earrings or necklace can make an outfit. :-)