Thursday, April 12, 2007

Random Ramblings

I'm sitting here trying to think of something to post and I'm coming up blank....mostly. The only things on my mind are random, weird thoughts. So, I'll share those.

I have a twitching thumb. I don't consider myself a nervous, or uptight person by nature...well, okay sometimes. But I've not been feeling stressed or anything and yet my thumb has been twitching and feeling sort of tingly since yesterday. It started in the morning and lasted all day. I thought a good night's sleep would take care of it, but instead it seems to have got worse. Strange. It doesn't hurt, though...just feels rather weird. *shrug*

I love the show Criminal Minds. A new episode was on yesterday and I think the show is brilliant! It is about the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) of the FBI and how they profile criminals. Love the uniqueness of it! I find it interesting to watch them process a crime scene, finding the smallest details from which they will construct a profile. Fascinating!

I bought more books yesterday. I have 20 in my TBR pile, and yet I bought 9 more. I just can't help myself. Oh, well. There are worse addictions. LOL!

Well, I'm thinking it's time to get myself a cup of coffee and some apple crisp. The perfect breakfast! Of course, you could substitute chocolate and it would still be just as perfect! LOL! Anyways, feel free to share some of the random things on your mind.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes catch myself just wondering around my small, cramped house (a large dog house might be more accurate LOL). No reason, just wondering, walking, pausing, and then more manuvering around furniture. Maybe it's my subconscious telling me to excerise ... nope, that can't be it or at least I chose to ignore it! LOL.


Shauna said...

LOLOL! Good on ya! It takes great inner strength to ignore those annoying urges and proddings to excercise. I find myself in a daily struggle where my conscience tells me to just suck it up and use the excercise ball for 15 minutes. "After all," it says (in a mocking tone), "you want to lose some pounds before your trip." Yeah, I keep telling my other self I'll start tomorrow. Funny how tomorrow never seems to come! LOL!

Anonymous said...

You know, I thought about this post all night. You'd think it'd be easy comin' up with some Random Ramblings, but I've got nothin'.


The Mailman's Wife said...

All I keep thinking is..."I missed Criminal Minds?!?! SICK!!" Other then that not too much else going on in my brain!

Anonymous said...

We are definately double related - I also have coffee and apple crisp plus as an added bonus I have a mostly eaten chocolate bunny sitting on my counter beside the crisp. The only thing I am missing is the ice cream to go with the crisp. I also love Criminal Minds plus all the CSI's - although i get so many reruns now I am starting to surf the channels for other programs!!

I am able to put off what is important - doing the books so I can file my GST return - for what is unimportant, reading yet another murder mystery book. Oh well, Ho Hum another day in paradise.

have a great day yesterday
love DM

Anonymous said...

Well, finally a topic that I can respond to. LOL My mind is always full of random ramblings, especially while driving in the car or doing those mundane everyday things. I manage to solve the majority of my worlds problems, even some of my friends problems.LOL Not that I ever share them with anyone. Now, today when I should have lots of things to say, my mind has gone blank. Anyway, as a rule it is usually full, and not of really important things.
By the way Shauna, I'm having a really good chuckle about your TBR pile of books. You obvivouly have some unfinished things too.LOL Makes you giving me a hard time about my unfinished interests, that continue to grow, not seem so bad.LOL Maybe we're more alike than you think.LOL

Shauna said...

Shar, the random thoughts always hit when least expected. And always when a computer is never handy. I'll be thinking, "Hey, that would be a good post," and by the time I reach the computer...I'm coming up blank. LOL!

Miss, Criminal Minds was, as usual, AWESOME! And don't worry. You're brain is so full of school and time for random, pointless thoughts! You're a busy woman. I've, uh, got a little more time on my hands. LOL!

dm, I also was missing the ice cream. And "procrastinate" is my middle name. Also, I was just on a rant the other day about how all these new shows that are starting are messing with my programming! I'm getting re-runs of my favs and some shows I can't seem to find anymore! I mean, I'm a fan of American Idol (kinda), but does it really need to bump House and mess with my Criminal Minds schedule?? REALLY! That's just crazy! Yeah, there's no denying these genetic ties. :-)

ym, us, alike?? Well, okay maybe a little! LOL! And my TBR pile continues to grow, but really, I like that kind of work. However, I have decided that anything that isn't a "favorite" is going to have to find a new home. This is a big step for me, but I'm actually going to *gulp* give away some of my books. YIKES! Scary, I know. We'll see just how many, or should I say little, I'm able to part with! :-)