Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mind the Elephant!

There's a saying that goes, "an elephant never forgets." I never thought I'd compare myself to an elephant, but if the shoe, or something, fits...LOL!

We were on our drive home from the in-laws and just as we were approaching town, this truck pulled out in front of us on the highway. I mean, he flew across the other side of the divided highway and made a sharp left into our lane. We had to hit the brakes HARD to avoid hitting him! I was furious! I had my three precious boys in the back! How dare he pull that stupid stunt!

I could feel my blood boiling and I had him tarred and feathered in 10 different ways before we reached town! We pulled along side him but he refused to make any eye contact, the coward! "I'm going to get his license plate number," I said. And I did. I'm not sure what, exactly, I expected to do with it, but nevertheless, it has been permanently imprinted on my mind! It's one of those things I'll probably never forget.

So, HMV 323, mind this elephant! LOL!


Anonymous said...

It amazes me that you can remember the license plate number. I can't even remember where I put my keys most of the time!


Shauna said...

I seem to forget more things in a day than not. This just happens to be one of those that "sticks." ;-)

The Mailman's Wife said...

ROFLOL!!! Your post is GREAT! It sucks that you got cut off!! However it did lend to a great post! Glad you guys are safe...Those things are horrible. Love you!