Friday, April 27, 2007

Man's Work

I realized something today. With my Hubby gone for the next 5 days or so, come Monday, I'm going to have to take out the garbage. In almost 8 years of marriage this is a task I have never once performed. Crazy, huh? I've taken the garbage outside to the big cans, but I've never walked it to the curb. And I'll have to do the recycling, too. Whenever I've mentioned this and people have asked why, I've just shrugged and said, "It's the man's job."

That got me to thinking, there are a few tasks that I consider "man's work." I'm not sure why, other than it just seems right. Here are some others:

-the car: cleaning, changing the oil, starting it and plugging it in in cold weather.
-mowing the lawn
-opening doors (this to me is a courtesy that I've come to expect)
-carrying anything heavy
-walking on the outside of the sidewalk, closest to the traffic (again, a courtesy, but still one the man should do)

Does this make me chauvenistic? What are some things that you see as "the man's job"? Or do you dare share? LOL!


The Mailman's Wife said...

HA!!! We are definately on the same page. My DH has always done those tasks. Yesterday was my first time taking out the garbage! I was doing it just to be nice...Won't be happening again for awhile. LOL! He actually had to "train" me to let him open doors for me. Now if I am out with my bros or dad, I stand in front of a door looking stupid waiting for them to open it. LOL! Then I realize what I am doing and who I am with and open it for them! Hmmm maybe I should just stand there and wait for them to take a hint??? Makes you really appreciate your hubby doesn't it??? We ARE blessed.

Marianne Arkins said...

DH and I share the garbage chore. But, he used to be a mechanic and the cars are all his :-)

He loves to mow (we have a riding mower... so it's a toy), but I do it now and then.

I cook, but only because left to his own devices he'd eat frozen pizza and hot dogs every night.

Hmmm... aside from the fact that I stay home while he goes to work, we aren't always a traditional married couple. Part of that stems from the fact that I was 30 y.o. when I got married, and well used to taking care of myself.

Anonymous said...

Never really thought about whether or not I'm chauvenistic when I think that there are certain things that men ought to do.

Cars for me are always my DH responsiblity. Everthing except filling it up. That lands on who ever is in the vehicle at the time of need. And washing it lands on his shoulders because I have a phobia of car washes, although I have washed the car with the wand type sprayers.

Other things that I don't do are home repairs. I think though that the decision was made because DH is slightly afraid of me wrecking something that would be major costs to fix.

For the most part though there aren't many things that we don't share. He usually does many things like take the garbage out and mow lawns, but if he doesn't get to them I do them.

There is one chore that he does not do and that is laundry, and not because he sees that as women's work but because, I don't know why this is, but most men have a very poor sense of sorting colors into the right wash load.LOL

I guess I do to a certain extent see it as a man's responsiblity to provide for his family, although I know of some great families where the woman was the principle bread winner and hubby stayed home and raised the kids.

Shauna said...

Miss, way to go! Good on ya for treating your husband and taking out the garbage. LOL! Sometimes, especially when I'm out with the kids and have my hands full, I find myself expecting (male) strangers to open doors for me. :-) Yup, my DH spoils me. hee, hee.

Marianne, I always thought a riding mower would be fun. But, we live in town and don't have that much lawn. And my hubby doesn't cook either. The other day, I asked him to keep an eye on supper (it was in the oven) and when it was done - in an hour - the timer would go off and to please turn off the oven. "Just make sure it doesn't burn," I said. Uh, I came home to somewhat burnt, overdone chicken. :-) Also, I went straight from parents house to married, so I didn't have that time on my own to figure stuff out. Sometimes I find myself asking dumb questions like, "What's a vehicle registration?" or "Tax forms?" or "Phillips, robertson, or flathead?" It may come across as dumb-blonde, but really it's just naivite. Really. I CAN be taught! LOL!

ym, yeah men don't seem to be able to sort colors well. My DH often does the laundry, but I'll re-sort the loads if it's not done "right". LOL!