Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Has Sprung!

The weather here has been beautiful and it feels as if spring has finally arrived to stay. Hopefully, at least. And with the sun shining and snow almost melted, I felt it was time to perform a spring ritual. That's right, it was time for a pedicure! Warm, sunny days call for sandals, t-shirts, capris...and of course, nicely painted toes.

So, being too cheap to pay for one, I dug around beneath the bathroom sink and unearthed that bright, shiny red polish. First I filed, then scrubbed, then oiled, then lotioned and, finally, was ready for the finishing touch.

Now, I'm not a gymnast, so I can't bend and contort my body into the pretzel-like positions needed to get a nice, even coat on all ten piggies. So, can you guess what happened?

Yup. My DH painted them for me! Isn't that the sweetest thing?! As I was watching him, head bent over my feet focused on his task, I felt like the luckiest girl alive. Here was this big, man's man, who works outside all day in the oilfield....and he was painting my! For the first time I personally got the benefit of his perfectionist attitude when, after completing the second foot, he said, "I want to redo that toe. It's not quite right." And he did.

He is just the sweetest, most loving man ever! If that doesn't say "love" right there, I don't know what does!

Have you ever had anyone do something like this for you?


Anonymous said...

A note to your DH from the DH of AT...

My condolences and yet props to you my friend for your humble attitude and love for your wife, time I see you can you do my wifes too? :-)

Shauna said...

DH of AT, I'll pass your comment along. LOL! That's too funny! But, I suggest picking out a special polish color and treating your wife to a night of pampering! Trust me, you'll score MAJOR brownie points! LOL!

The Mailman's Wife said...

Hey! We must have the most wonderful husbands in the world because yes, my hottie of a hubby has done that for me too on more then one occassion. I think men need to jump on this wagon because it is then they will realise that their acts of kindness WILL be repaid! Don't acts like this make you want to please your DH even more??? I know my hubby gets repaid with wonderful meals and back scratches among other things! **Wink**

Shauna said...

Miss, yeah, he was definately winning points with me. :-) It was no big deal to him (he said he didn't mind doing it), but it was HUGE for me! Gotta love him!