Friday, March 30, 2007

Shotgun Blessings!

Have you ever had something great happen, but it happens so fast that, at the time, you feel like you're just trying to keep up? A sudden vacation that's planned, but leaves you scrambling to pack in one day? that new car you weren't expecting to get yet, but goes on sale? a house that you've been looking at that suddenly comes on the market? that business venture you had been pondering that all of a sudden takes off?

Okay, my thing isn't quite as big as those, but still left me spinning. Our pastor and his wife were getting rid of their four-year-old fridge, stove and microwave and I was needing new ones. Well, just the stove really. In the space of 2 minutes I was scrambling to empty my fridge and stove, pull them both out and vacuum and scrub the floors behind each. (I hadn't cleaned behind there since we moved in). At the time, I felt rushed to get things done with three kids who needed supper. I had no table (my fridge stuff was spread out on it) and hungry babes. I couldn't fully appreciate what a blessing this was turning out to be.

But now, I'm sitting back and looking at my "new" white stove, fridge and microwave and I'm thinking, "wow, this is great." And the best part is, the oven is self-cleaning! That is HUGE for me. I have a habit of boiling things over, both on the stove and in the oven! I call this a "Shotgun Blessing"!

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Anonymous said...

Those are great blessings! It always gives a person a bit of panic when things like that happen on the spur of the moment. But, after that inital panic, for me anyway, they usually give me a rush of energy. However, I can see if your a planned person that something happening on the spur of the moment could send you into a slight panic. Glad your enjoying the new appliances. Nothing is more invigorating for me (and I think most women) than a kitchen that looks and feels together. Hey, do they work well? Have to try some of the cookies from the new oven. For me it always takes a bit to figure a new stove out. LOL