Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Say, WHAT?

So the other day my husband says to me, "Honey, do you think you'd ever use an exercise bike?"

I looked at him, sparks shooting from my eyes. "Say, WHAT?" I could not believe he had said that! Just what was he insinuating?! Doesn't an excercise bike imply that one is working up a sweat? The only time I work up a sweat is if I'm fighting my way to a buffet line! Or if I'm fending off a swarm of angry, hormone-crazed woman, all elbowing for the last piece of chocolate! LOL!

"No, I didn't mean anything. It's for ME," he quickly replies. I'm feeling somewhat appeased and my ruffled feathers begin to smooth. "They're on sale and I was thinking of getting one along with an excercise ball."

There's that dreaded "e" word again. Apparently he's been thinking it would be nice to have some, uh activity aparatus, around the house (note: no use of "e" word). Hmmm, I think, are those the balls that you bounce on? do they come with a handle? I'm seeing myself hopping around the basement on a big, bouncy, ball laughing with my children as we play silly games.

"There are some specific exercises for the ball that are supposed to be really good for you."

POOF!! My bubble has burst.

So, he bought the ball. The bike is still up for debate!


Anonymous said...

I think your "e" program sounds just fine. However, it doesn't do much for the body. LOL Actually it does do a lot for the body, may not be positive but it still does effect the body. Have you tried the ball? Does it come with instructions? And, does it have handles? I think it sounds like lots of fun to bounce around on it with the kids. Your hubby made a nice recovery there when he quickly replied that it was for him.LOL Hey! before you buy the bike call me, I just read about the urban rebounder that might be a better purchase and a little more fun. Biggest up side is that 15 mins 3 times a week is supposed to do wonders, and it's very easy on the joints. Do you think that if we were to "e" enough we could up our chocolate intake and still be healthy and look great? LOL

Shauna said...

No, the ball doesn't have a handle. *sigh* That would have been so much more fun. It does, however, come with an instructional DVD with special "e" you can do! I think a rebounder would be WAY better. The boys could work off some of that energy! LOL! Not to mention they'll get better height for their "flying"! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thats for sure, the rebounder could definitly be a family toy. The kids could get some really good height with that. However, I'd suggest clearing the furniture, and any objects that could do permanent damage, out of the room. LOL
Oh! and also keep the vechile in good repair and ready for immediate use if it is going to be a part of the kids superhero antics. LOL

And about the ball - I bought one once and couldn't get it blown up so that it was big enough to do anything on. I wonder if you should use an air pump and not blow it up by mouth? LOL

About the DVD, I've watched lots of those "e" dvds and never got results. It didn't matter how many times I watched them (while I ate popcorn) they just didn't work. LOL

The Mailman's Wife said...

Hey! I have one of those balls! It was actually given to me for when I went into labor...It worked like a charm! I think that it should be used to PREVENT pain not potentially CAUSE pain! LOL! I was just playing with it the other day tho! It really does strenghthen your muscles...However what happens is you build up your appetite and we all know that nothing satisifies hunger like chocolate! LOL! After you eat the choclolate you have to "e"...too bad the chocolate bars didn't weigh more, then we could eat and work out!!!

Shauna said...

ym, our ball came with a hand pump and hubby "pumped it up!" I was sitting on it this morning, trying to get a feel for it. It was bouncy, but I had horrible visions of the thing popping and leaving an interesting bruise as I landed, none-so-gracefully, on the floor!

Miss, "e" weights made of chocolate?? I could into a program like that!! I'm sure I could manage a few reps!! LOL! *sigh* If only dreams came true!