Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You Can Pick Your Nose and Your Friends...but Your Family?

This past weekend I was at a family wedding and I realized something once again. You can't pick your family. This wasn't a new revelation by any means, but rather a re-awakening.

We were sitting around the table at the reception, laughing and talking, when the idea to pull a prank on someone came up. We have one family member that everyone gives a hard time to. She's the family matriarch and we all show our love by ribbing her just a bit.

Well, let the games begin! Things got a little wild at our table and it was at a particularly boisterous moment that I realized we're crazy! I'm not talking just me and those at my table. I'm talking ALL my extended family. I have a large family and each member is weird and quirky in their own way. Together we have more "nuts" than a squirrel in the fall! But it's a lot of fun and laughter. I am blessed with the biggest, craziest, nuttiest family and I like it!

Anyone else have some crazy relatives? Maybe a little crazy yourself? Be honest. LOL!


Anonymous said...

yes, we all do rib our matriarch.


1. she's ripe for the picking?
2. she loves the attention?
3. it's just so much fun?
4. she definately asks for it!!

5. all of the above

She can be so sweetly naive, and who doesn't love the attention. Her reactions to falling behind in cribbage are hillarious for all who are watching and of course she gloats so much that you just want to beat her for the reaction.

She makes playing cards with her an absolute adventure to find out what quip or idiom is going to pop out of her mouth the next time. My favourite is "Shut up or I'll blacken the other eye"

Yes we have nuts - but ours are top quality ones.

Laughter together as a family is such a blessing. Our small family laughs together, loves to vacation and fish together and Christmas is always ripe with many happy memories.

If more families were like yours and mine it would be a wonderful, wonderful world.


Anonymous said...

Crazy relatives? I'm not sure I know what you're talking about - except for this one cousin of mine. She goes on about coffee and chocolate and shopping and shoes - definitely crazy. (just kidding ... kinda)

Shauna said...

dm, you are so right! It's number 5 for sure. My favorite "ism" is when she gets so frustrated with a card game, that she gets up and walks around her chair. And if that doesn't work, she walks around the whole table! LOL! And I couldn't agree more that ours are top quality nuts! They're Planters! I wouldn't trade a one of them. I love my family, both big and small, and I agree that more laughter and love are needed in a lot of homes.

Shar, what's this about a crazy cousin?? Who doesn't love chocolate, coffee, shopping and shoes? Now THAT'S crazy. LOL! Now, if I remember correctly, when we were kids we used to say, "Great minds think alike"......or was it "fools never differ"? Sorry, the same blood runs through our veins! LOLOL!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to have such a class act family. No one can say that there isn't lots of fun going on at family gatherings.LOL We all have a nutty side to us, that's what makes it so much fun. And I'm so glad that yours are quality of the finest.LOL Hubby always says "live life with few regrets" so I guess that is what this family does when it gets together. Hey Shar, you seem to fit right in with the rest of us and if we all agree that this is normal behavior then it is. (as long as we're the majority at a function) So, I choice to see us as totally normal.LOL
dm you're right there should be more families that enjoy laughter and being together. And I also pick #5 for the matriarch.
Have a good day to all of you crazy nuts.LOL