Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shake It, Baby!

This past weekend my in-laws took myself, hubby, brother-in-law and his wife to Jubilations to collectively celebrate our birthdays. This was my first time attending a dinner theatre and I was unsure of what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at the party-like atmosphere and settled in to enjoy a night of food, fun and laughter! I had no idea that my chicken was going to be served with a side of humiliation!

One of the serving cast members stopped by our table and asked for volunteers during the show - two ladies, one man. My hubby, being the thoughtful, considerate man that he is (cough, cough), adamantly insisted that the rest of us were it. After much cajoling, we gave in and agreed. Through the beginning of the performance my stomach was in knots wondering when, and exactly what, we would be required to do. And then came the dreaded pat on the shoulder and the whispered, "we're ready for you," in my ear. I got up on shaky legs and followed the staff member, the butterflies tap-dancing in my belly.

We were led off to the side where we were given instructions on what to do. "When it's time, you're going to dance with the cast members."

Oh no, I'm thinking, not dancing! Anything but dancing! This is exactly what I had been fearing. For those of you who don't know me, I was raised in a conservative Baptist Christian home. Did you catch the word "Baptist"? As in we-don't-dance-we-keep-our-feet-planted Baptist! I can count on one hand the number of times I've danced. It's not that I don't think dancing is great, it's just that I've never been taught how to dance. To make matters worse, the fairy (that was his costume) tells me that I'm going to dance with the Samurai Knight. As I look towards the stage, I conclude that he's talking about the man who's singing and dancing right up front. No off to the side, minor role for me. We're talking CENTER STAGE!

"Him," I gulp, "me?" The man nods and seals my fate. Deep breaths, take deep breaths, I remind myself.

Finally we are shuffled towards the stage and I look up to see this hand reaching down to pull me up the steps. The Samurai Knight whispers for me to do what he does, and before I know it, I find myself on stage, spotlights on me. I fixed my eyes on that knight (or rather, mostly his feet) and found myself shimmying and shaking to the Beatles's "Twist and Shout". The great thing was, the spotlights were so bright I could barely make out the audience. And the whole time I was "dancing" (I use that term lightly) the actor's eyes were encouraging and friendly. That made it easier and surprisingly, I found myself letting go of the worries (other than tripping and falling on my face) and actually having fun!

We had an awesome night, and I did get to see my husband up on stage. He had to go up and dance with the "birthday group". My birthday is a ways off and I managed to dodge that one!

What a wonderful memory!


Marianne Arkins said...

You're far braver than I ... and I love to dance! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

That has always been my biggest fear with dinner theatre's that include the audience in there show. I've been at one 2 times and both times they've picked our table. Thankfully the second time I had a broken ankle so I was able to get out of participating.(Yeah!) Love the atmosphere though cause it is so much fun and the food is great but for me I was nervous all night hoping to not be picked to go on stage. Hubby and I have since attended the dinner theatre's that are only that. Buy your ticket enjoy the evening of entertainment. Works good for me, however maybe some day we'll have to take the risk and try it again. There is certainly a fun party atmosphere that is contagious. By the way why not try some dance lessons?lol I know of a really fun, laid back and low key class that will help you get over that fear of performing in front of a Glad it was a fun time. Are you hooked on them yet? Great date night, hey?

Shauna said...

Marianne, I'm not sure brave is the right word. LOL! I'm not sure what came over me. I mean, I won't even dance with my husband at a wedding or dance! I worry that someone will see me. But I will admit that, although it was embarrassing, it was also liberating in a way! LOL! That being said, it won't be happening again anytime soon. :-)

ym, I have to say that I loved the party atmosphere. Being with a group of people made it that much more fun. However, if it was just hubby and I, I think I'd opt for the more romantic setting. But for a fun night out with friends or family, this is definately the way to go! However, I won't be such an easy volunteer next time! They'll have to drag me kicking and screaming. LOL!