Monday, March 26, 2007

Guy Sight

Guy Sight - a condition that periodically affects the male gender when asked to retrieve, find or look for an item.

We've all heard of hindsight and the popular saying, "hindsight is 20/20," but I've found there to be this other phenomenon - guy sight. It's a condition in which a man or boy with perfect vision can temporarily be struck blind in certain situations - situations that may sound something like this....

"Sweetheart," hubby calls, "where's the cheese?"

"It's in the fridge," she answers.

"I don't see it."

"It's right inside the door on the top shelf."

Silence. "I can't find it," he calls.

She walks into the kitchen to find him standing in front of the open fridge door, staring blankly inside. She gently, or not so gently, moves him aside, slides open the little compartment on the fridge door marked "cheese" and calmly hands him the cheddar.

Hubby smiles. "Do we have any mayo?"

Sound familiar? And it's not only my hubby. I'm finding that my young sons are affected with this peculiar affliction as well. Like the other day, I asked my oldest son to go into his brother's room and bring me the brown boots.

"They're on the dresser," I say.

He walks down the hall and into the room. A few minutes later he returns. "Here, mom," he says and hands me the baby's slippers.

"No, honey, those aren't the boots. The boots are brown and they're on the dresser."

He looks at the slippers he's holding. "Oh." He disappears back down the hall. "I can't find them," he shouts.

From my vantage point I can see he's gone too far into the room. "Honey, that's the change table. I said they're on the dresser."

"Is this the dresser?"

"No, that's the floor. I said the dresser. Dresser!"

"Is this them?"

"No, that's a blue envelope. I said the brown boots!"

"These?" comes the innocent reply.

"Yes, those. Please bring them, I need both of them!"

Anyone else have something like this happen?


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's more than just "guy sight". Maybe there's something about being a women that makes it easier for us to find things and remember where items are placed.

Either way I can relate - only it's usually to do with hunting equipment - which I have nothing to do with and rarely even touch.

For example:

"Dear, do you know where my 'rabbit in distress' call is?" my honey asks.

"Your what?!" I reply

"My 'rabbit in distress' call."

"I haven't seen it or touched it - did you check your hunting bag?"

"I've looked in there twice! It's not there." he says as he goes downstairs to check the storage room.

While he's down there looking I take a peek in his hunting bag, and guess what I find. Not only the "rabbit" call, but my scissors, which I have been looking for, as well as the rope that I asked him to find for me the other day! Oih!!

Oh, how I love him!


Shauna said...


Shar, that is priceless! It does seem that, as women, we are programmed better to "find" things. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I can certainly relate with both you and Shar. Having had three males in the house at one time can be very entertaining. One of my favorites is from my hubby.

"Hon, I can't find my coat." hubby says.

"Did you check on the post" I reply. That is the place that he always hangs it.

"Yes" he says "Where else could it be?"

"I don't know, I didn't wear it" I say.

As my hubby is headed down stairs to check in the family room I very calmly walked down to the entry (as I always do in these little annoying situtations LOL) and looked at the post where he always hangs it and Wha-la! there it is.

His reply to my finding his coat was

"Where did you find it?

"Right on the post where you usually leave it."

"Nooo,I checked there."

This one happened quite a few years ago but there have been many more that have happened since. Fortunatly my hubby has a great sense of humor and so we have many laughs at his expense on these kind of happenings. You can't help but just love them more.

Yesterday, we had a similiar situation happen only with driving,
We are trying to get accross town at the busiest time of day and so in my hubby's impatients he takes some side roads to miss the backed up traffic and turns the wong way so that were headed away from where we want to be. Finally in exasperation he says
"why aren't you telling me where to go"

I replied "I thought you knew what you were doing."

"Well obviously I don't, I turned the wrong way."

I very calmly directed him where to turn for the shortest and quickest way to our distination. When we got there he said,

"You got it right on".

Obviously, he was having silent doubts about my ability to get there on side streets, first try. But, on the way home he asks me to quite reading my magazine and tell him the shortest way back to miss the most amount of traffic. Now there was a first, a man asking for directions. Usually I volunteer them, so I thought I was being really good keeping my opinions to my self. LOL

Anonymous said...

YM, that is sooo funny. Especially the "why aren't you telling me where to go!" part! I love it!

Anonymous said...

See what you have to look forward to. I guess I've done enough directing, or questioning, of where he's going that he's come to expect it of me.LOL

However, in my defense, there have been countless times that when I've asked "where are you going?" that he hasn't been sure where he was going. Thinking of other things tends to put them in the drive the most familiar route reguardless of where it leads too. LOL Sooo... as the years go on you'll have to be sure to never let your guard down and always stay alert or else who knows where you'll end up. LOL It makes life interesting and never dull.LOL

Shauna said...

Ym, that is sooo funny! I love the part where he asks why you aren't telling him where to go. I admit that I'm the navigator in our household...and sometimes it's all I can do to hold my tongue when hubby takes a different route than I think is wise. LOL!