Friday, June 15, 2007


I saw something strange the other day. I was standing in my living room and happened to glance out the window as these two teenage boys glided to a stop and hopped off their skateboards. The one boy reached down the front of his pants and pulled out a box of Cheerios. A whole box!! He opened the lid, reached inside and passed a handful of his snack to his buddy. Then he hopped on his skateboard, still holding the box, and continued to ride down the sidewalk while shoveling handful after handful into his mouth. GROSS!

Also, this past weekend, I saw young teenage boys wearing pants that were done up around their thighs, leaving all of their back ends hanging out! Scraggly hair, smelly t-shirts, shoes with laces untied. *Sigh*

What is it with teenage boys? Do they have a universal aversion to water, combs, clean clothes and pants that actually fit? Have they never heard of a belt? And that pants are supposed to cover their Hanes-clad behinds??

Don't get me wrong, I like boys. I love them actually and have three of my own who will all too soon reach the teen years. But is there any way to steer them down a different path? One paved with clean clothes, proper hygiene, pants that fit!??


Marianne Arkins said...

I hope you find a way... there have to be some decent boys for my DD to marry one day. And, heaven forbid she brings home a guy with pants down to his knees. Her proud papa's not going to take THAT sitting down! LOL...

angela said...

I don't know Shauna. My 8-year-old is a genius (he could read at a 2nd grade level before he started preschool)who can do anything but tie his shoes and pee in the toilet. This isn't a good start.

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