Monday, June 18, 2007

Paris Hilton

Okay, granted this is not a topic I would normally spend my time writing or even thinking about, but with all the media coverage on her lately, I've become a little intrigued.

I don't usually watch the news and I was surprised to hear about Paris being sent to prison, spending three days of her sentence and then being released. I think that's absolutely ridiculous. I don't keep up with the happenings of Miss Hilton, but I saw a few clips of "The Simple Life" when it first aired. I was horrified by these girls.

My DH told me about Sara Silverman humiliating Paris at some music awards ceremony. I went on Youtube to see the video for myself and I was horrified by what I found. Repulsed. Disgusted. Sickened. Here is a girl who has absolutely no decency, no pride and no self-respect! I was thinking, "she got what she deserved!"

When I was finally able to locate the video of Sara Silverman poking fun at Paris...well, my heart hurt. For Paris. How awful to be the brunt of such cruel jokes. Yes, she brought it on herself, but I cannot believe that there is a living, breathing person out there who would not be affected by this kind of humiliation. *WARNING: Do not watch this video! It will offend your sensibilities!

I found myself with this strange urge to hug and comfort Miss Hilton. I was asking why? Why would anyone have such disregard for their own self? Why would anyone subject themselves to this kind of public scorn and humiliation? Not just the jokes made by Ms. Silverman, but the constant ridicule that she has set herself up for by the immature and embarrassing things she does.

This is one hurting soul. And although I'm disgusted and saddened by the things she has done, I also feel an overwhelming pity for her. This girl has no idea what real Love is.


angela said...

I've written a novel about a Paris Hilton wannabe--Fake Blonde. It made me think about what must be going on underneath the plastic surface. Unfortunately there are too many girls out there like this.

Shauna said...

Angela, it is sad that so many young girls are aspiring to be like this. You've written a novel? Is it published so I can read it?? :-)

angela said...

It's not published yet, but my agent just sent it to four publishers and I'm getting good feedback. If you want to read it, you could give me your own feedback. Are you interested?

Anonymous said...

Hey where have you been all week? To busy reading other stuff? LOL Anyways, interesting your thought on Paris. I have to agree, it is so sad. Do you have any plans tomorrow morning? Just wondering if you want to have coffee? Hope your having a wonderful day!!! Chat with you soon.

Shauna said...

Hey T, me and coffee?? Need you ask? I'm free tomorrow morning, so let's.