Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Smacky Kisses & Toothpaste Monsters

I tucked my middle son into bed last night, gave him a kiss on the lips and said goodnight. As I straightened up he says, "Wait! I didn't kiss you back."

I leaned back over his bed and he proceeded to "smack" me on the lips. Complete with the smoochy sound. It made my heart smile.

I came out of my room after getting ready for the day, only to find my two oldest boys eating finger-fills of toothpaste! I saw red! Or should I say blue? There was sticky paste on the doorknobs and their fingers had a bluish tinge to them!

Oh, please, someone tell me this has happened to them! I can't be the only one!!


angela said...

If you get the gel toothpaste they might use it to write words on the mirror. That's fun, too.

Shauna said...

Angela, you mean they might think that gel toothpaste makes them Piccasso?? Perish the thought! LOL!