Thursday, June 21, 2007

Divine Humour

God has a sense of humour. Did you know that? Here's how I know...

I grew up in a family of musicians. I use that term rather lightly. We're none of us professionals, but we all played, or attempted to play, instruments. My older brother has gone on to study music and I'm very proud of the musician he has become. That being said, there were days, months, years where I did not appreciate his love for music.

It was during our younger years when my brother was in a band. You know the type - high school, basement/garage bands. Translation: loud and louder with lots of screaming and an overabundance of distortion and cymbals. This "music" used to drive me CRAZY!! Especially the obnoxious banging on the drums. (The drummer was not obnoxious, I just had no appreciation for the "noise". Drummers, please don't take offense.)

Anyways, I was talking with a girlfriend at school one day and said that when I had children, they would never, never, never be allowed to play the drums. My friend chuckled and asked me what I'd do if they really wanted to learn. I staunchly replied that there was NO WAY my child would be permitted to drum. They would just have to choose a different instrument.

Fast forward 5 years and I was the proud new mommy of one adorable little boy. This cute newborn grew and by age 8 months (no exaggeration) he was fascinated by the drums. Not the whole worship team, just the drums. Still, I thought, he's so cute. He passed his first birthday and still the fascination was there. At 16 months old he was sitting at a drum set, gently banging away. With perfect stick technique! I mean, this child naturally knew how to hold a drumstick and how to properly let it "bounce" in his hand when playing. He could clap on beats 2 and 4 and was confused when people in the congregation would clap on 1 and 3 (a big no-no).

The Christmas before he turned 2, we bought him a toy drum set. It was actually my idea. Within two weeks he had played so much that the plastic drumsticks split at the seam. So, we bought him real sticks. One week later the drums wore out. So, for his 2nd birthday, we bought him a real, junior-size, acoustic drum set.

And this is my life. He's now five years old and although for the past 2 years superhero toys have become his passion, he still picks up his sticks every now and then and plays. He can actually keep time - syncopated time - and do fills complete with cymbal crashes. And I love it! I rejoice when I hear him bang on the drums and I find myself listening carefully and counting to make sure he stays in time. LOL! The best part of all - God has given me the ability to selectively "hear" it. It's amazing what I can block out!

So you see, God has a sense of humour. He took a promise I made in ignorance and said, "oh, yeah?" and gave me a drummer. And I wouldn't have it any other way!


Alice Teh said...

One can't beat God in that department! LOL.

Thanks for visiting me at my bloggie. I really like your blog layout. Very nice and it's full of my favourite colour!

Happy weekend!

The Mailman's Wife said...

I LOVVVE IT!!! God IS good!!

Jenster said...

Tee hee. God has a way of making us eat our words with a dash of LOL, doesn't He??

Shauna said...

Jen, Oh so true! If you want to see God work, say "never" or "it can't be done." LOL!

Alice, thanks for stopping by my blog! I checked yours out, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to lie, I'm slightly offended that you did not appreciate the glorious alternative symphonies being created by your older, wiser brother and his band. And I must remind you that if your first born rhythm machine continues with his fascination, you may be reliving those younger days. hehehe. I'm so proud of my nephew!!

Shauna said...

Anonymous, glorious alternative symphonies??? I think sin-phonies is more like it! LOLOL! And yeah, when I look into the future that's exactly what I see. I'm thinking we seriously need to build a garage! Get the noise - er, music - out of the house! But I can't deny a certain amount of motherly pride. :-)