Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary!!


Actually, the last 8 years have been amazing! And all because I'm married to the most wonderful man! He is living, breathing proof that God loves me. I'm dead serious. There's nothing this man doesn't do. And he's a hottie! The fact that he fell in love with me is evidence that miracles do still happen!

So, I love you, honey, more today than when we first fell in love! Each year just keeps getting better and I can't wait to spend the next 8, 10, 20, 30 years with you! Happy Anniversary!


Becky said...

Congratulations on 8 years, Shauna (and hubby ;o) ). May you have many, many, many more wonderful years together.

Jenster said...

Aw... Happy anniversary!!! It just gets better from here. :o)

So do you guys have something special planned (that you can blog about!!)?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Shauna & Chad. There wasn't any doubt at all that you are well on your way to at least your 50th Anniversary.

Shauna said...

GM and Becky, thanks for the wishes. This man makes me look forward to the next 40 years or more!

Jenster, LOLOL! We actually headed out (in 5 mins) for dinner and a movie. I've been wanting to see The Bourne Ultimatum, so that's on the agenda. As for anything else...*wink* I will say, however, that I used *his* favorite scented body scrub & oil this morning. ;-)

Jenster said...


I want to see that movie in a major way! I keep hearing it's the best of the three. Which means it's going to be really good and we'll end up owning the trilogy on DVD for Christmas. teehee

Eight years is a long time in today's world. But when you think about the fact you'll be married for 60+ years it's just a drop in the bucket! :o) That's always how I think about how long we've been married. Two more years and I will have been married more than half my life. That's just weird. But when you're married at 10, that happens early.

Shauna said...

Jenster, LOLOL!! Supposedly you can get the first two movies together for $15 at HMV. That's Canadian prices. LOL! Married at 10?? That's like biblical times! LOL!

Jenster said...

Um... My parents are hippies from California and it seemed like a good idea at the time???