Thursday, August 2, 2007

Breast Cancer - What You Didn't Know

Many of us have been touched by breast cancer. You may have fought the demon yourself, or perhaps you know of someone who has been, or is, in a battle for their life.

Jenster posted a message sent by Whymommy at Toddler Planet about an unknown, rare type of breast cancer. The information is shocking. I encourage anyone who reads this blog to click here and get informed. You can never be too cautious. Early detection of cancer is critical for survival. So take a few minutes and get armed.


Jenster said...

Thanks, Shauna!

Shauna said...

Happy to do it! Thanks to you and Whymommy for putting it out there!

Anonymous said...

That is some very interesting information. Thank-you very much for sharing it.

I have never delt with anything like breast cancer and neither has any of my close friends or family (as far as I know). I while back I read this article that has some different ideas about breast cancer and I'm not sure what to make of it. I would love to know what other people think of the article.


Jenster said...

Hey Shar -

I won't go into great detail here other than to say I think that article is horrible disservice and incredibly misleading. Doing everything possible for breast health is great, but not fighting the disease is usually a death sentence.

I would be more than happy to go into it further if you'd like. You can email me at

Anonymous said...


Thanks for letting me know. It's an area that I'm shamefully ingnorant on and so the opinion of those who have been there mean a lot.


Jenster said...

Shar - You're very welcome. And honestly, there is so much information - much of it contradictory - that it can be very overwhelming. The only reason I know what I know is because I was forced to learn what I could. Otherwise I'd know nothing. lol

Travis Erwin said...

Jenster is a true inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.