Monday, January 21, 2008

The Strangest Thing

I saw the weirdest thing today at the doctor's office. No, not some freaky person with three eyes or a nasty, flaky disease. Nope. This was a little girl going out of control.

This, in itself, isn't that unusual. I'm pretty much used to seeing kids be out of control, whining, screaming, yelling and hitting their parents. Sadly, I see more parents who don't parent, than ones who do. Respect is something young kids aren't being taught and it shows in the way they act out with complete disregard to those around them. Can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine?

Anyways, this little girl couldn't have been more than two-and-a-half. The mother had zero control over her child and the little girl proceeded to wander all over the waiting room. Again, not something particularly surprising. What did surprise me was when the girl - we'll call her Susie - disappeared through the doorway into the area that housed the nurses station, offices and patient rooms. Gone. I mean, you could not see her at all. And the mother just sat there. Did. Nothing.

I kept thinking, the nurses don't get paid to babysit, and wondered how long until the mother decided to fetch sweet Susie. Catch the sarcasm?

Finally, she got up and went in search of her daughter. Moments later she comes out the doorway ushering a loudly complaining and whining little girl. You could tell she didn't dare pick her up. Well, Susie would not stand for this obstacle in her way. She let out a shrieking whine. "Don puss me!" And the mother backed off.

At one point, the little girl dug through her mother's purse, lifted a twenty dollar bill and took off. The mother tried coaxing and begging the little girl to come back and bring the money, but darling daughter would not behave. Secretly, I was hoping she'd bestow that twenty on me.

No luck. I think the mother was nearing her limit. She got up, retrieved Susie, replaced the bill and proceeded to try and hold a thrashing, whining, arching Susie on her lap. Got to teach her a lesson, you know?

Up to this point I was annoyed, but not shocked. Just your basic kids-run-the-home-and-parents situation. But here's what made my jaw drop.

There was a young, pleasantly quiet boy of about nine years who, I thought, had the misfortune of being sweet Susie's big brother. Turns out he stirs the pot. While his mother was trying to hold the thrashing Susie her son jumps into the argument.

"Mom, just let her down."

"No. I need her to learn that she can't always get her way."

"Oh, just put her down. I'll watch her."

Yeah, my jaw hit the floor. An older brother volunteering to watch and trail after his spoiled sister as she wreaks havoc on the waiting room and its innocent masses?!

AND THE MOTHER LISTENED! She obeyed the command of her young son to stop disciplining Susie and let her have her way. Wow! I don't think I have ever come across a situation where the older sibling, particularly a brother, spoils his younger siblings in quite this manner. Shocking, is what it was.

And he followed through. He got up to fetch Susie when she wandered from the room to the elevators. Huh. I thought I had seen it all, but this was something entirely new to me.

Makes me shudder to think what she'll be like when she's a teenager.

And yes, I know this isn't a very nice post. But that's what you get when I don't get my sleep. Sarcasm and snarkiness.


Katybug said...

Where is SuperNanny when you need her??? OMW, that must have been a frightening scene to watch.

Swishy said...

I was just gonna say, I'd love to see her when she's a teenager! HA!

Becky said...

Sadly, I see more parents who don't parent, than ones who do. Respect is something young kids aren't being taught and it shows in the way they act out with complete disregard to those around them. Can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine?

Me, too!

Where do these people get the idea that letting the children call the shots is a good idea? Most people spend more time training their pets than they do their children these days!

Shauna said...

Katybug - Exactly my thoughts. There's just no way you can politely suggest she call Supernanny. ;-)

Swishy - I'm glad I'm not the only one. LOL!

Becky - Most people spend more time training their pets than they do their children these days!

HA! That's SO true!

Jenster said...

I'm always stunned when I see a parent not parenting. Really - her life would be so much easier if she would just be a mom.

Huge pet peeve of mine, too, Shauna!

The Middle Child said...

That's appalling! When I was a child, I didn't have choices. I did what my parents wanted, I went where they told me, I sat when I was told, and I sure as hell didn't get up until I was told, I ate what was put on my plate or I went without... OR I PAID FOR IT DEARLY!

Children these days get away with murder (literally) because parents give them too many choices, put too much on them. It is our job to raise our children, to train them and to teach them, not theirs. Kids are acting more grown up way too early because that is how adults are treating them. Then they wonder why their 13 year old daughter is pregnant or why a 15 year old boy shot up the school.

My son has his fair share of misbehaviors, but he does what he is told. It's not easy being a parent, and I think our generation is lacking in the child rearing department. There are people that do exceptionally well, and others that shouldn't even have children, but on average I would say that parents these days aren't doing as good a job as our parents did.

Some people just don't grasp the concept of common sense. Can they not see that episodes such as what you described are completely ludicrous? Bah, big pet peeve of mine too, can ya tell?

Sing4joy said...

This is why I hide in my hole all the time! Not only are children(and their parents) like that difficult for ME to be around, they set a bad example for MY children who have parents who lovingly discipline them. I think the thing a lot of parents these days don't understand is that they are doing their children a disservice by not teaching them how to be thoughtful, considerate members of society. And HELLO, self-control is a fruit of the Spirit.

Shauna said...

Jenster - Yup. It actually makes life easier.

TMC - LOL! Sounds a lot like my home growing up. The best thing my parents ever did for me was discipline with love. Best lesson. You would think it's common sense, huh?

S4J - I have realized that parents who don't discipline are doing what's EASIEST FOR THEM, not what's BEST FOR THEIR CHILDREN! I hear, "Oh, I just can't say no. It breaks my heart." Well, I say "You're the parent, it's up to you to do what's BEST!" Parenting isn't easy. It's not all cuddles and coos and hugs and kisses. Did someone say it was? The other side of love is discipline. And if you REALLY love your child, and you REALLY want what's best for them, then I say SUCK IT UP! So what if it's hard for you. YOU'RE THE PARENT! Bah. I think I need to crawl in a hole.