Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Funny

Can you read that? I know it's fuzzy and this time it wasn't the camera. I'm just the worst picture-taker in history. Here's what it says:


This makes me laugh. Every. Single. Time. As if that's not funny enough, here's the caption, the "selling factor."


BWAHAHAHAHA! Just what, exactly, are "male factor nutrients"? I mean, REALLY. That's just too much.

Chad came home with these vitamins a couple of weeks ago. I have done nothing but laugh every time I see the silly bottle. The amazing thing is THEY WORK. Chad has been on medication for his high blood pressure for two years and keeping it under control has been a daily challenge. If he missed his pill one day, he started to feel the effects.

He began taking these vitamins and after about five days, he noticed he was feeling weird. He sat down to check his blood pressure (yes, we have our own machine) and it showed he was quite low. Like 110/67. So he checked again. And again. And again. We were both baffled. Even with his medication he always leaned toward the high side. His numbers had never, in his entire life, been that low.

He went online that night to research just what was in these Power vitamins. Turns out there are four different herbs that lower your blood pressure. He has been off his medication now for a week and a half, and its staying down.

So, even though I still laugh at the ridiculous label, I have to give Jamieson props, as Randy Jackson would say.

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This Week's Worship

Opening Song:
Lord Reign In Me

Worship Set:
I Am Free
Everlasting God
Let the Church Rise

Closing Song:
My Redeemer Lives


The Daily "B" said...

Hahahahahah!! Great that they work, but still funny.

You're singing Let The Church Rise, Awesome! I've been listening to Father Your Glorius, great voice.

Becky said...

That IS hiarious, lol! But I'm glad they truly do work!

Some good friends of ours went on the South Beach diet, because he had super high cholesterol, and was in danger of losing his truckers license (his job!) after his bi-annual checkup.

In 3 weeks, that diet worked to bring all his numbers under control. It was amazing stuff.

Sing4joy said...

Man! That is awesome that he's gotten his blood pressure under control with silly pills! I'm curious what prompted him to get them in the first place. I love this week's worship! Curious of Everyday is - "...every day it's You I live for, every day I'll follow after You..."??

Katybug said...

I am a firm believer that vitamins are a "cheap" way to good health, if you take the right ones. :-) Congrats to Chad on getting his blood pressure down w/o meds!!! The HOFFER had to go to the ER a couple of weekends ago b/c he passed out while waiting for a table at a restaurant. We were concerned that his blood pressure was too low, but "thankfully" he was just a bit dehydrated after a day in the very hot sun and 4+ hours on the golf course. After a couple of big bags of fluids being pumped into him, he was just fine. The funny thing about it all was the doctor that treated The HOFFER in the ER is my OB/GYN's dad!!!!

His Girl said...


Shauna said...

Deb - Let The Church Rise went over awesome on Sunday. I'm gonna do it again next time.

Becky - I've been amazed at how well they have worked.

S4J - He wanted to get a good vitamin (not sure why) so he went to talk to our good friend who is a herbalist and works at the health food store. He gave these to Chad to try. Chad said he also knew I'd get a kick out of them!

Katybug - Small world!!! I'm glad the HOFFER is okay and that it wasn't anything too serious.

His Girl - I still laugh! I thought it was all a gimmick until I saw the Jamieson label.

Shauna said...

S4J - You're right on about the song. That's the one we did on Sunday. I have the Lincoln Brewster version.