Thursday, March 13, 2008


We're in church. It's quiet, the music has stopped and the pastor has stepped up to the communion table. He looks out over the congregation. "We've been doing a series on trust and as I look at this table with the bread and cup, I can't help thinking how much Jesus had to trust God."

He pauses to reflect. Benen is quietly coloring on his paper, looking for all appearances to be completely absorbed in his work. "How much to do think Jesus had to trust in God?"

A pause.

And then the voice beside me. "Ummm, A LOT!"


"Mom, when you were a little boy, did you do this?"

"Well, Benen, first of all, I was never a little boy."


Me - "Benen, why are you so funny?"

Benen - "'s comp-ili-cated."


"Benen, why are you so handsome?"

"Ummmmmm....because I'm really loved."


Me - "Boys, close your eyes. We're gonna pray."

Chad - "Dear God, bless this food, our family and our evening together. Amen."

Benen - "Mom, I'm really sorry, but I opened my eyes two times."


"Mom, sometimes does God make us sick?"

"No, Benen. Sometimes we just get sick."

"Mom, does God sometimes get sick?"


"Oh." A pause. "Mom, I wanna be God."


The Daily "B" said...

So Shauna, what was it like as a little boy? lol
OMW- I was reading this to my sister over the phone! lol! hilarious!

Becky said...

I LOVE that kid, lol! He is such a hoot!

I'll bet it makes it so hard to be serious and discipline him when necessary, huh?

His Girl said...

what a cutiepie!

Shauna said...

Deb - Sadly I can't say. Though when being potty-trained, my mom says I tried to use the toilet like my big brother. With less than stellar results. ;-)

Becky - He makes me laugh every single day. Yup, he's a toughie to discipline. Big, pleading eyes are my weakness and all three of my boys have them. :-(

His Girl - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

your boys make me laugh. dv

Jenster said...

I'm so glad you're getting all this written down! You need to put it all in a book and give it to him for a wedding present or something.

Too funny!!!

The Middle Child said...

Out of the mouths of babes...

He is entirely too cute!