Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pre-Coffee Conviction

I've always wanted my children raised with good principles and Godly values. And thanks to Veggie Tales, my children learn a lot while we drive around doing errands. Aren't those built in DVD players great!?

My children are also fascinated by superheroes and have lately taken to Larry Boy, the Superhero of Bumblyburg. Their newest favorite is "Larry Boy and the Bad Apple," a story about avoiding temptation. From these movies they have learned that "We need God and other people to help us avoid temptation", "God is always with you even when you're scared", "God likes it when we share our blessings", "God made you special and he loves you very much."

These are great things to know and I have been thankful to Big Ideas for planting these important ideas in my children's heads. Until today.

This morning my son Benen woke me by saying "Mom, all your books fell down off the self." It was 7:40 a.m., my eyes were barely able to crack open against the pounding in my head, but this sounded serious. Something had happened to my books?? I rolled out of bed with visions of earthquake disaster in my basement and wondering how I had slept through the crash of five shelves and 400+ books hitting the floor.

Turned out it wasn't an earthquake but one very naughty baby who had decided, last night, to create some mischief. He had swiped some of my books off the shelves. I felt relief that none of the books were marked or bent mixed with the disappointment that I hadn't caught him in the act. You can't discipline a 1 year-old the next morning for something he did the night before. So instead, I huffed and began putting the books back on the shelves in alphabetical order.

Connor sat on the couch watching me sort through the pile and insisting that his brother needed some discipline. Then he looked waaaaaay up to the top shelf and observed, "You sure have a lot of books." I nodded. "You must really like books." I nodded again and murmured an affirmation. "Hmmmm. I think books might be your temptation."



Marianne Arkins said...

Well... as temptations go, that's a good one to have :-)

I adore Veggie Tales -- and can't imagine the fun they must have, sitting around a table, coming up with their ideas.

DD and I sing the songs ALL THE TIME. LOL...

Jenster said...

Blasted children!! LOL

I love Veggie Tales, too. We still watch them sometimes and my kids are a little old for it. But who doesn't love Larry? SEriously?

Becky said...

That's pretty perceptive for a kid!

My older son often plays backseat driver/second conscience/Holy Spirit's Mouthpiece to me, too (holding me to all those things I'm teaching him, LOL!)...I'm afraid they do that more and more the older they get. ;-)

I love Veggie Tales, too...but those songs! Talk about stick-in-the-brainers! "I'm so BLUE-Hoo-Hoo"...

Shauna said...

Marianne, that's what I think. In fact, it's almost educational. LOL!

Jenster, yeah, blast them! What's with the whole "from the mouths of babes" thing anyways?

Becky, he's an exceptionally perceptive child. It gets me in trouble often. My favorite Veggie Tales of the moment is Lyle the Kindly Viking. Love that Viking song!

Jenster said...

I love the Viking song, too. But my most favoritist song ever is I Love My Lips with The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything a close second.

Jen said...

My kids love Veggie Tales as well...though they have yet to use it against me! LOL!!

Katybug said...

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything are getting their own movie some time next year! Even if my daughter doesn't want to go (and she does, thankfully!), I WOULD STILL GO! :-)

Travis Erwin said...

I prefer my vegatables animated and teaching life lessons, to being steamed and on my plate.

Shauna said...

Jenster, I love the pirate song! Also, the one from Daniel, "Oh no, what we gonna do?...." makes me laugh. I actually took the time to listen and learn it. ;-)

Jen, just you wait. It's amazing the things kids think of.

Katybug, the Pirates are getting their own movie?! That's going to be a good one.

Travis, AMEN!

Jenster said...

You've been tagged!!!