Thursday, September 20, 2007


I need an insurance policy for my books. Can you do that? I have quite the collection and they're at the top of the list of things I'd save if there was a fire. Right below the kids. Hubby has to save himself.

The last two mornings I have come downstairs to find my books off the shelves and scattered across the floor. Some were slightly damp (drool), though most were unharmed. But I'm getting nervous. I'm thinking I should take out a policy for natural disaster.

Does a baby count as a natural disaster? 'Cause he is! He's upped his game. It's like he thought to himself one day, "Hmmm. Mom's already seen it all. I'll have to find something new." And he has proceeded to find more mischief than I thought possible for such a cute, little package.

He's drawn to toilet bowls like a bug to a zapper. They're irresistible. I mean, what's more fun than taking a refreshing splash in a kiddie-size, porcelain pool? And I'll be honest and say it hasn't always been fresh water. That's one thing with kids; they don't always remember to flush.

I can handle a lot of it - cell phones, markers, papers, pens, cupboards, dressers, purse, iPod, headphones, computer, CDs - just don't mess with my books. Seriously.

What's a mother to do?

Now, I gotta go. My three-year-old is brushing the baby's teeth.


Becky said...

Let me know where to sign up! LOL on the toilet thing and upping his game.

My son just likes to flush things down the toilet. I'm pretty sure that is where one of my bracelets disappeared to. :-(

Jenster said...

Books are sacred!!

I think a baby would be considered a natural disaster or "act of God" because he really WAS an act of God.


The Daily "B" said...

How funny, I was looking around my list of blogs and on my way to yours when a post shows up from you on mine...You must have known I was about to head over.

Books should have insurance! I would be the one you find left behind in a fire trying to carry a pillow case full of books.

Shauna said...

Becky, if I find a way to insure my books against my children I'll pass it on. Sorry 'bout the bracelet. So far I haven't noticed anything missing. ;-)

Jenster, Thank you, thank you! Do you think that would hold with an insurance agent?

Deb, I was just listening to a little Michael Buble and thinking of you. LOL! I'm thinking about upping my house insurance...just incase. I'm not sure, after the kids, how many books I'd be able to save. LOL!

Shirley Buxton said...

Thanks for the "coffee" and the entertaining words.


Shirley Buxton

Travis Erwin said...

Put the books up high or endure a few soggy corners and ripped up pages.

There are no other alternatives.

Shauna said...

Shirley, thanks for stopping by my blog. The "coffee's" always on. ;-)

Travis, I've always been of the belief that you teach your children to stay out of things instead of moving everything around. My stubborness has earned me a torn corner and a couple soggy pages. :-(

Marianne Arkins said...

Just doing a drive by to say hi... haven't stopped by in a bit.

And yeah... keep the little hands off the books!

Have a great day :-)

Shauna said...

Marianne, I completely understand. It seems there's never enough time to hit my list of blogs. Thanks for the drive-by comment. ;-)