Monday, September 17, 2007

New Arrival

I am the proud Auntie of another little niece. My brother and his wife just had their second little girl.

Kadeja was born Sunday, September 16 at 3:49 p.m. She weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz. and was 52 cm long. She has beautiful dark hair and the cutest little chin. I have yet to see her eyes, but I'm sure they are bright and beautiful like the rest of her. Kadeja (Cad-ae-ah) means "trustworthy."

I went up to see them in the hospital and both mother and baby were doing great. Daddy on the other hand wasn't looking so hot. Why is it the man seems to do worse through the whole process than the woman actually giving birth? Ever notice that? You go up to see the new baby and, although the mother may be tired, she's entertaining family and friends, busily showing off baby and chatting about the whole experience. Meanwhile, the father is bleary eyed, hungry and talking about how exhausted he is. He's slumped in the chair or lounging on the counter under the window, guzzling a coffee and asking if anyone remembered to bring him something to eat. LOL!

But, my little niece is here, she's a darling and all she had to do was sleep and grunt and she managed to steal every heart in the room.

Her big sister, Senaye, stole the show when she told mommy, "I go Gramma's, have ice cream. Mommy, you go back in bed."

I took pictures and if I can gain permission, I'll post them here for y'all to oooh and ahhh over.


Jenster said...

Congratulations!!! What beautiful names those girls have.

**hoping Shauna gains permission for the pictures**

Becky said...

Congrats Auntie Shauna!

That's so true about the dads, too, LOL.

Barb said...

Dads don't have a lot they can do to be useful during a birth and the aftermath. They can be comforting and encouraging (those who are good with words), but it's not like they can get out the toolbox and fix anything. Probably that inability is as exhausting as anything, at least for some.
My cuz in CA just had a sweet baby girl. We picked her up the CUTEST little outfits, with sheep on them of course! :o)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! A big congrats from hubby & I. Let them know they're in our thoughts. And ... I do love their choice of names. Can't wait to see pictures if at all possible.