Friday, October 3, 2008

A Little of This and a Little of That

Boy, I feel like there's so much to say, yet I can't seem to come up with a clever way to say it. As a result, this post may seem mundane and boring, which, ironically, IS like my actual life. But here goes - a little bit of random.


Some of you may have read that Benen was the ring bearer in a wedding on Saturday, September 20. I had promised to post some pictures and have yet to deliver. And it'll have to wait as I lost the chord that connects my camera to the computer. When I do find it, I'll get the pictures up.

But let me just brag for a minute. That kid was absolutely, hands down, THE handsome-est thing I've ever laid eyes on. 'Course he gets it all from his daddy. Now, I've had the opportunity to see Chad in a tux before and he takes my breath away, but this was the first time I've ever seen Benen all dressed up. It literally left me speechless. His suit was black with a chocolate brown vest and tie and a white dress shirt. He looked SHARP! I was on music duty and had to play for the processional. I tried to glance up and catch a glimpse of him walking up the aisle and nearly lost my concentration. He was just the cutest thing ever! I really hope I can get the pictures up for you to see.

And, of course, him being Benen and all, he charmed the socks off everyone he met that weekend. There wasn't a girl, young or old, who wasn't in love with him by the end of the day and there wasn't a guy he met that didn't end up thinking he was the coolest little man. He got to hang out with the wedding party for Friday and Saturday and he just loved being treated as one of the guys. It was a special time for him and he loved the attention. Naturally.


About two years ago I took my oldest two boys to see a homeopathic doctor. We were having some "concentration" and "listening" issues along with some allergies that were undetected. The doctor tested the boys and ended up listing a whole whack of "food sensitivities" and telling me to put them on a grain-free, dairy-free, nut-free, sugar-free diet. It was a challenge, but we tried - to the best of our ability - to follow the strict eating guidelines. We found some amazing results in Benen's listening and concentration, but never really noticed a difference with Connor.

We did this for a year until my husband began researching what, exactly, a "food sensitivity" to gluten does to you. The boys didn't have "celiac disease", a condition that's becoming more common and well known. They simply had a "sensitivity" which has a varied range of effects. After realizing the gluten wasn't the cause of the boys' hyperactivity and skin problems (but rather the corn and corn products) we began giving them gluten again. About 6 months ago they returned to a regular diet with regular bread and foods. The only exception was their lactose-free milk.

Now, six months later, Connor is complaining of frequent stomach aches and having some issues. I figured it was the gluten and took him off it again. It seems to have helped some. And this past week I took all the boys to see the doctor. We all had appointments to deal with our problems.

Connor - He had some blood work taken to check for food allergies and any other problems that could be causing his stomach pains. I'm wanting to rule out any serious digestive track problems and double check that his "food sensitivity" hasn't developed into anything more serious such as celiac disease. He HATES-WITH-A-PASSION getting needles, so the doctor put on that special topical cream that completely freezes the area. It's the same stuff they give kids when they have to stitch a wound. He was still a nervous wreck, but he didn't flail, scream and puke like the last time.

Benen - He has VERY LARGE tonsils (I'm talking almost NO room at the back of his throat) and I've been concerned for a couple of years about them. His nasal passages are also small and he has some allergies. This all adds up to problems with his breathing. He snores, breathes heavy and often complains of a stuffy nose. After a talk with my fabulous doctor (just LOVE him) he decided to refer me to the specialist in a small town hospital and Benen will be getting his tonsils and adenoids removed on October 29. The timing is perfect. Before Christmas, but after his birthday party on October 18. The consult will be the morning of the surgery and the surgeon can change his mind if he doesn't see the need, but I'm really hoping and praying they'll take care of the issue so he doesn't have problems later on in life. This is the same doctor and hospital that Connor went to when he had his removed 2 1/2 years ago. I was NINE MONTHS PREGNANT (1 week to my due date) when I stayed overnight in the hospital on a gurney. Can you say OWWW!

Kolten - He went for his two year exam and to check the soft spot in his head which has never closed over. He was born with a HUGE soft spot (took up most of the top of his head) and it's still a pretty good size (bigger than a quarter). The doctor measured the circumference of his head and says it's bigger than normal. But what's normal for a two year old? Don't lots of toddlers have heads a bit bigger? He looks completely proportioned to me and I think I'm being objective. I didn't have any opportunity to ask what it could mean and what the concerns are because we were rushing out the door to get Benen to gymnastics on time and Connor for his blood work. Still, I'm not TOO concerned because he's a very bright kid and seems to be developing at a normal (or slightly above) pace. He goes back in two months for a follow-up exam.

Me - All good and finally back to feeling normal - or what's normal for me.


Benen started gymnastics this fall. He's gone to two lessons and he LOVES it! And the kid is really amazing. He started showing interest last year when he caught a couple of minutes of it on t.v.

"Whoa! Dad, what is that?"

"That's gymnastics."

"I wanna do that!"

Now a year later, he's doing it. He's been practicing at home this last year and I've been showing him some stuff. I used to be in it when I was young and I still love it. Getting to watch my kid, and seeing his natural ability at it, makes me soooo proud. I know this sounds like bragging, but Benen really is the best in his class. He has GREAT posture and balance and I have never seen the kid so focused. This is BENEN! My kid that drives me crazy with his goofiness. He is 100% focused, does NOT take his eyes off the teacher, obeys EVERY WORD, and is quick to catch on. He's also the only one that can do everything so far. In fact - and I know this is bragging - I was watching the older boys who are in the more serious training class which runs at the same time as Benen's, and Benen can do 80% of what they're learning and as good as some of them. It thrills me to see him so involved in something he loves.


While his brother got into gymnastics, Connor has become more and more interested in music and he started private piano lessons this fall with an AMAZING teacher. I do NOT have the patience to teach him myself and this lady is an absolute blessing. First off, I've known her and her husband for years, and secondly, she is so skilled and qualified. She teaches from her home AND on a grand piano. Yeah, there's a little jealousy coming out there. Also, she has two young kids of her own and she relates well to Connor. Connor is a very intense, focused individual and she is constantly encouraging him, yet gently correcting him at the same time. He is thriving under her tutelage and doing SOOO well.


Have I bored you enough yet? Have you managed to make it this far without dozing off? Are you still with me or did you abandon this post somewhere near the top? One last thing and then I'm done.

Shauna's Dictionary

Ripple Effect - when running up the stairs you realize the jiggling in your behind is not contained to your posterior, but rather ripples down the back of each leg in continuous waves.

(Not the most pleasant of discoveries.)


The Daily Bee said...

First off, I can't wait to see the pictures of Benen in his tuxedo!

My nephew is two years old and was watching the diving Olympics and tried to dive off the bed. He now imitates the divers in the pool and is deep in swimming lessons. Kids try anything they see.

Love the Ripple Effect definition!

Becky said...

I just LOVE reading about your kiddos. That Benen sounds so much like an older Judah it's not funny. He, too, has taken a sudden interest in Gymnastics, though he's not aware there is such a thing. We often see him doing hand stands and balancing at 3...I imagine we're going to have to get him into gymnastics so he learns how to 'safely' do his stunts, because some of them about give me a heart attack. Oy.

My sisters kids have sensitivities to gluten and corn, too, and seem to do well on other grains and almond milk in place of cows milk. My nephew got stomach aches a lot from sunflower seeds (and oil) of all things. Just can't tolerate it at all. It's in a ton of pre-made foods, so they have to watch labels closely, but he does pretty well on his health-foody diet.

We're familiar with the ripple effect around here, too. (o;