Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A New Day

I haven't been around much the past few months and I'm sorry about that. I've missed hangin' out in Blog Land. There's been a lot going on and I took a little, much-needed break. I'm trying to get back to blogging and will hopefully be more faithful in the months to come. To all my blog pals - I'VE MISSED YOU! I can't believe you still check my little old spot on the blog map.

Anyways, tomorrow - well, today, seeing as it's 1:00 a.m. - marks a new chapter for me. TWO of my little men will be heading off to school in the morning. Connor is entering grade one and I can't believe he'll be gone five days of the week. It's a little sad, yet strangely exciting, too. I'm thrilled that he will be in the same class as his little friend from last year. God is good. I prayed for that and shouted a "hallelujah" when I read the class list. Connor doesn't adjust well to change (wonder where he gets that from... :-P) and having his friend with him will help ease his way into grade one. Now we're hoping they get desks next to each other.

Benen, on the other hand, can't wait to go to school. He's so excited he can hardly contain it. It's funny that I find myself worrying more for Connor - who's done this already - than I am for Benen. Or maybe it's that my concerns are different. With Benen I'm concerned about how well he'll listen, how many phone calls I'll get and if he'll remember to walk home after school and not get distracted on the playground. I worry that he'll forget to look before crossing the street and won't see the car coming until it's too late. Or that he'll decide to walk to a friend's house - just to make sure his friend got home safely - and I'll be frantically driving through the neighborhood screaming his name while calling the police. Which reminds me I need to put their number on my speed dial. *Sigh* He's such a good kid, but so easily distracted. And WAAAAY to independent and confident. I'm gonna start counting how many grey hairs I acquire over this next year.

Well, I really should get some sleep as the morning is sure to be full of chaos and noise. Thankfully Chad is home on holidays and will be going with me to get them settled in school. Then he's off to the golf course and I'm gonna hit Starbucks before going to my BFF's for coffee and a *quieter* visit. 'Night!

*I am way out of practice with my writing skills (what little I had) as you can tell by this post. Please forgive me. I hope to be better in the future.*


Travis Erwin said...

I see no problem with your skills. Welcome back to the blogosphere.

Becky said...

So glad to have you around again! I missed you!

Your worries about Benen are JUST LIKE the ones I have about Judah, lol...and he's directly responsible for TONS of gray hairs on me, lol.

The Daily "B" said...

She's BACK!!! YAY!

Nothing wrong with your writing skills, I've missed reading your post.

Benen, another thing that was missed in blog land. lol. Hope the boys 1st day was good.

Sing4joy said...

Way to go recognizing that you needed a break and taking it! The beginning of school is always a rush of conflicting emotions and thoughts, and thanks be to God - those settle down! Glad you're back!

His Girl said...

add me to the list of people happy to see you back! whoop! whoop!

Katybug said...

YIPPEE SKIPPY!!! SO GLAD TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!! I've been thinking about you lately!

I love your description of Benen and your concerns about him with school. He is such a funny little guy...reminds me just a bit of Calvin from the cartoon strip "Calvin & Hobbes"...but in a GOOD way!!! (Wow, THAT could've been taken wrong!)

So glad Connor has a buddy in class with him this year! God did a similar thing for Little Bit. With the baby coming soon (keep checking your email over the next several're on the list!) He made sure one of Little Bit's closest friends was in class with her this year. I knew she was going to need something like that to help her through this year, and I could not have been more excited, nor more grateful. Wasn't that such a sweet thing He did for our babies? ;-)

airingon said...

Glad there was something new to read. Although I talk with you most days I always get a kick out of your blogs. Those boys are just the cutest boys ever. When I asked Benen how his first day of school went he said "okay".
"Was it good?" I asked.
"What was good?"
"Some things."
and that was the end of the conversation about school. He was busy coloring at my table, more important things to do.

Hope Connor's best day of his life goes well with his best friend tomarrow?

Shauna said...

Travis - I've read your blog and know what a skilled liar you are. LOL! But thanks. :-)

Becky - I've been missing everyone, too. Isn't it great being mothers of boys. ;-) I have a story I'm savin' and hoping to share soon about my middle man.

Deb - *Blushing* Ah, shucks, thanks. Yes, Benen, he's a character. He has the ability to both drive me crazy and double me over in laughter. :-)

S4J - It was a hard decision and I'm still easing back into things. I haven't been able to resume everything I was doing, and who knows if I'll ever be able to. *shrug* School was much easier this year, but still a lot of emotions. It's gonna be an interesting year.

His Girl - Thanks!

Katybug - I've been thinking a lot about you, too. Not long now! SO EXCITED! God is GOOD! He takes care of the details and exceeds my expectations. Connor got a desk next to his friend. It was the last desk free beside his buddy. It's nice to know that they're in His hands and that Little Bit has a friend in her class to help her through the year. I'm praying for her.

airingon - Typical Benen. We've taken to calling him Random Man. And Connor's "best day of his life" went awesome! And Benen got to go, too, so it was extra special...for mom. :-)

Swishy said...

How fun ... I hope they're liking it so far!

Celine said...

Excited to see you back. Can't wait to hear about the adventures you go through with the boys this year.

Shauna said...

Swishy - They're liking it, I'm loving it. ;-)

Celine - I'm a little nervous about their (Benen's) adventures. LOL!