Sunday, July 13, 2008

What I learned

This past weekend, I learned it is NOT a good idea to accept the challenge of a foot race from my four-year-old son. I came to this conclusion after a series of mistakes on my part. The first mistake, I'm sad to say, was the result of my foolish pride.

We were at the church Saturday night and I was pulling song sheets for Sunday morning when, on the way to the photocopier, my son, Benen, asked, "You wanna race?" A strange feeling overtook me and I was struck with the desire to show my child just how fast his mother REALLY was. None of that let-them-win-you're-so-fast crap. I wanted to FLY; I wanted to see the unbridled awe and adoration in his little face. I was gonna win his admiration with my lightning fast speed and agility.

Mistake number two. I conveniently forgot that the last time I had sprinted was in junior high, when they force you to participate in Track and Field. I found out my four (and a half) year-old son is *almost* faster than me. I was REALLY having to work. What I thought would be simple, quickly turned into a fierce competition. I hate to lose.

Mistake number three. In our final race for the front doors I yelled out, "Quick Benen! Run down the stairs!" And then it hit me - that's not the kind of thing a *good* mother would say. So I quickly amended it with a follow up, "Be careful!" By this time he was half-way down and winning.

Mistake number four. Finding myself behind, I decided to show off a little and leaped down the remaining four steps, with a little side twist thrown in for flair. I landed with a solid thump.

Mistake number five. I planted my feet, completely forgetting that the upper half of my body was still being carried by my forward momentum. I was left in a mad scramble, trying to get my feet to catch up with the rest of me, which by then was headed for impact. I did a nice little slide-and-dive on the carpet in our church foyer. I have the rug burns on both knees to prove it.

Benen won the race.


Becky said...

You RAWK, Shauna. You da MOM!

Benen will be talking about that for years..."Mom, remember that time we raced to the copy machine and you biffed it on at the bottom of the steps?" ;)

Shauna said...

Becky - LOL! Funny you should mention that. After I had sufficiently recovered, we headed for the grocery store. On the way there, Benen pipes up from the back seat, "Mom, I'm really sorry I didn't come back to see if you were okay." It made my heart smile.

His Girl said...

That makes me so happy! What a fun story- sorry about the carpet burns... and for laughing hysterically at them!

The Daily "B" said...

Ouch! I was cringing, waiting for the, "And then I heard a crack." or "And then I challenged him to a somersault contest." lol.

You're a cool mommy!

Katybug said...

You ARE a cool mommy!!! Mommies with "battle" scars are extra cool!!! But rug burns DO hurt. OUCH!!! Benen will remember this one for many years to come!!!

Sing4joy said...

Oh yikes! After every period I was expecting to read the sentence that this thing or that got broken! You are lucky you got away with only rug burns. Yikes!

Jenster said...

What a great start to my Monday morning while I'm waiting for my coffee!!! You do make my heart smile, Shauna.

I'm just glad you didn't break anything, either. I would have ended up in the hospital, I'm sure!