Tuesday, July 1, 2008



Jenster said...

Hope your celebration is worthy of Canada Day!!

Becky said...

Happy Canada Day!

Hey, I'm curious to see a patriotic photo from Canada. Like here, they have our Red, White and Blue flags all over the place on certain Holidays like the 4th of July...do they do the same there? With the flag of Canada, I mean? Or red and white buntings on porches? Just wonderin'.

How's your Spider Solitaire score lately? ;)

The Daily "B" said...

Happy Canada Day!

What do you have planned?

Shauna said...

Jenster - Chad worked looong and hard over the weekend in the extreme heat. He was exhausted so we had a nice day of rest. ;-)

Becky - I wish I had some photos to share. There's this big park where we live (well, big for our city) and there's usually all kinds of activities for kids and adults. Everyone dresses in "Canadian" wear (red, white and maple leafs) and then there are fireworks late at night. I didn't get any of that as Chad and I were both exhausted. Instead, we barbecued at my parents and then went home to bed. :-) As for Spider Solitaire, my win percentage is holding at 52% and I'm up past 700 games played. :-P

Deb - Family BBQ and rest.

Katybug said...

Every year for July 4th, there's a realtor here in town that places mini American flags along the curb in everyone's front yard. It's really cool. What does this have to do with Canada Day, you ask? There's one house that puts 2 little Canadian flags on either side of the American flag!!! It always gives me a good giggle!

windycindy said...

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