Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Random Thoughts

I'm back. I wish I had something entertaining, profound or deeply insightful to share with you, but I don't. I'm short on insight, somewhat shallow and often boring. *g*

There is a reason I haven't been blogging as frequently, and hopefully I'll feel confident enough to share it here soon. Quick question: how do you get personal on your own blog, knowing you will come face to face with some of the lurkers?

For now, I will leave you with a few random things.

:: :: ::

Words I never expected to hear from my husband's mouth:

"My period is almost over, so if you'd rather wait..."

Granted I've used that phrase a time or two, but hearing it come from him was a shocker! It caused a slight misunderstanding until I realized he was talking about hockey...and me waiting until the period was over for him to bath the kids.

:: :: ::

I have found there are two things you can't do after having a baby - sleep in the nude and jump on a trampoline with a half-full bladder.

:: :: ::

The most difficult question in the world is "How are you?" Because everyone asks it, but you can never be sure if they really want to know the answer.


Becky said...

Glad you're back to bloggin', woman!

LOL on the trampoline thing. Yep, learned that one myself. ;)

I wonder if any desperate, way-past-her-due-date woman has ever tried to move things along by jumping on a trampoline?

Travis Erwin said...

Glad to see you back and funny about the period comment.

His Girl said...

yeah, I know what you mean about the 'how are you?' thing...

and I too am SO glad to see you blogging again.

the other day I had a friend's husband comment about something he read on my blog...

I can't shake the feeling that a BOY is reading what I say...

airingon said...

I finally have taken the time to catch up on your blogs and have had some really good laughs. The killer for me today was the period comment.
It felt so good to laugh. Thanks!

Shauna said...

Becky - Thanks! I kinda took to lurking...*shakes head shamefully* You'd think the doctors would suggest that as a way to move things along. I tried every one of their suggestions and none of them worked. Not. One. Induced labor three times...Blech!

Travis - Thanks and yeah, Chad threw me with that comment.

His Girl - It always gives me a start when I'm talking to someone and they say, "Yeah, I read about that on your blog." How do you reply to that??

Airingon - Glad I'm good for something. :-)

Jenster said...

OMG - the period comment was too funny. TOO FUNNY!

I know I've told you this many, many times before, but I love your random. LOVE IT!

Shauna said...

Jenster - Most of the time I feel "random." Hard to hold on to deep thoughts when poop is exploding from my son's diaper. :-)

Katybug said...

"Hard to hold on to deep thoughts when poop is exploding from my son's diaper."

Okay, THAT was HILARIOUS!!! That would make a great title for another blog or even a book!!!

The one thing I learned about due dates is that the baby is always on time; WE are the ones who are too early with our timing. :-)

I absolutely love your random as well. You have a very dry sense of humor, and that requires some special brain power. Not just anyone can come up with that kind of stuff. When I was a senior in high school, "Most Random" was one of our superlatives (Most Friendly, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Witty, and now Most Random). Random is good.

I am so glad you asked about coming face-to-face with lurkers. I have never been able to figure that one out. Heck, I was surprised about some comments Jenster had on her blog about her MIL! They were hilarious (as is Jenster's nature), but if I wrote about my MIL what she wrote, there would probably be a severe price to pay. I figure there are more people reading my blog than I realize, so I always try to be sure I have nice things to say about any people I write about on my blog. I do have a post brewing about pet peeves, so even tho' I will be saying some not-so-nice things, they won't be about anyone specific. If you do figure out how to handle the lurker thing, I would like to know!

The Daily "B" said...

I always love your random thoughts...

Period. Hilarious.

How Are you? lol

I was just talking to my sister about this on Sunday, someone said, "How are you?" and she begin to tell them how she was and they moved on to someone else. hahaha! Another one of my pet peeves is "God Bless You". It just rolls off peoples tounges just like, Hello or Hi.

Sing4joy said...

Random is fun. I cannot get on a trampoline. Everything bounces harder when you have no uterus to keep it in place! And btw - I am one who wants to know the truth when I ask, "How are you." Otherwise I say something else - like, "Nice blouse" or something like that. :)