Saturday, January 31, 2009

UFC 94 - BJ Penn vs. Georges St-Pierre

I am ON TOP OF THE WORLD right now! Georges "Rush" St-Pierre just finished BJ "The Prodigy" Penn in four rounds. GSP dominated inside the ring for twenty minutes before a decision by Penn's corner and an octagonside physician put a stop to the fight, thus declaring GSP still the undisputed Welterweight Champion of the World. It was incredibly thrilling to watch and I admit my throat is a tad sore from all the whooping, hollering and cheering I did from my parent's basement. With the exception of my wedding day and the births of my children, this would have to rate as one of the most anticipated days of my life!

Of course I was cheering for GSP, and not just because he's Canadian. I mean, how can you NOT cheer for him? He's one of those once-in-a-lifetime fighters whose skill and ability seem to sharpen and improve with every fight. He offers his opponents a great deal of respect inside the ring and always shows a level class that is above and beyond the average fighter.

I really don't know what else to say. I don't want to go on and on and bore you all with the details, and it's too soon to post any of the highlights. I just know it's going to take a long time for this adrenaline rush to wear off so I can get some sleep.


Becky said...

You crack me up, woman!

But I know the feeling...and I think there's going to be a little of that whooping and hollerin' in my MIL's house this afternoon during the Super Bowl, lol.

Oy...just wait until your kids (or in my case nieces and nephews) play jr. high and high school go totally hoarse, lol.

Shauna said...

LOL! I can be terribly competitive and I can only imagine how much worse it'll be when it's my boys out on the field/court/ice.

The Daily Bee said...

Whoa - skin, abs, arms.. yowza!! hahaha

YAH! I know how much you love GSP! I missed this but I heard about it.

Shauna said...

LOL! Yeah, the pictures aren't half bad, eh?

The fight was AWESOME!!! You could probably watch it on YouTube or at least catch the highlights if you feel so inclined. ;-)

Jenster said...

You're so funny! And I sit here thinking, "How can she like fighting?" But then I realize that's my favorite part of hockey. LOL!