Friday, November 30, 2007


Okay, here's the thing. I've been trying to find time to blog, but this week has been a write off. I finally decided to sit my butt down in a chair with my laptop and type until something came to mind. I really should be cleaning my house (we have company coming tonight) but I've been putting it off. No surprise there. So, instead of a well, or semi-well, thought out post, you're getting the crazy thoughts that pop into my head. Let's see.....

*Yesterday, my husband came home from work at 8:00 a.m. just to start my van for me. Isn't that sweet? He knew I was busy trying to get all three kids out the door, so he drove all the way across town to warm up my vehicle. And he stopped by Tim Hortons on the way and brought me a coffee and breakfast sandwich. I have never felt so loved.

*I'm leading some carol singing at our church banquet tonight. I haven't sung in a month and I'm woefully out of practice. Simon Cowell would laugh me off the stage. Oh, wait. He doesn't laugh.

*Connor's important questions:
Mom, what's Santa's other name?
Mom, do you feel like you're losing your mind?
Mom, how do you know everything?

*My son is special. I know every parent says that, but I can say it with a certain assurance that he is one-of-a-kind. I'm sure the teacher has never before seen anyone like him. He's intense. When he focuses on something, it's 100%. And he's obsessed with superheroes. Obsessed. He actually brought home an empty Kleenex box from school the other day because it had a picture of Venom on it. I can only imagine the conversation that took place:

"Teacher, that Kleenex box has venom on it!"
"Yes, Connor, I know."
"Wow." A pause. "I wish I had a box like that."
"It's just a Kleenex box."
"What are you going to do with it?"

"We're going to use the Kleenexes."
"Yeah, but what about when all the Kleenexes are gone?"
"I'm going to put it in the recycle bin."
"What's 'recycle' mean."
"It's where you put all your cardboard and plastic containers into a box so they can be taken to a place where they're made into new things. It helps save the environment."
"Oh. Well, I could use that box."
"But I need the Kleenexes."
"I mean after they're gone. I could take that box home and use it."
"Connor, I don't think you need-"
"But it's cool. It has Venom on it."
"I know, but I don't think your mom-"
"She won't mind. She knows I like superheroes."

A puzzled expression. A sigh. "Oh, alright."

*The thing that makes me feel most child-like is my love of candy rockets. Those yummy, circular candies that come packaged in rows and wrapped in plastic. They come out in mass quantities around Halloween. I'm hopelessly addicted.

*My hair is at that stage. Too short to do much with, too long to style properly. Ugh. I'm feeling shaggy and, to use Becky's word, frumpy.

Well, that's it. The house cleaning is calling my name. Or rather, Chad is calling my name and asking me what needs to be done. So I better go clear a path to the spare bed so my company has a place to sleep.


Travis Erwin said...

I like posts like these. I did one myself today. And yes, your're husband was very kind. If he's not careful he'll ruins for the rest of us slackers.

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless. :o)

Marianne Arkins said...

Awww on your hubby...

And, never heard of those candy rockets. Hmmm...

Hair. Ugh. Don't want to talk about it.

Jenster said...

Yea!! Random!! My favorite kind!!

Chad is my hero!! I can't wait to see the look on Todd's face when I tell him what Chad did for you. *mwahahaha*

My hair is in the same place. I just wish it was long enough to put up, but no such luck. :o(

LOL on Connor's questions. I do believe you are absolutely correct in saying he's special. :o)

Barb said...

Could he be a "Monk" in the making?!

Shauna said...

Travis - He also sent me flowers the next day. I'm not sure what's gotten into him. LOL!

Lisa - I was, too.

Marianne - Candy rockets are sooo good. Pure sugar, though. I've always wanted long, luscious, locks and a flawless complexion. Instead I got stuck with curly hair and freckles. Harumph.

Jenster - And he sent flowers the next day! Just because he could tell I was having 'a day'. I know I'm biased about Connor, but he really is the brightest kid. So funny, cute and unique. ;-)

Barb - LOL! We used to laugh that he would have strange compulsive urges, like flicking the light switches 5 times. Then one day he was standing at the counter and before he went to climb off the chair he stopped, turned around and tapped the counter top FIVE TIMES! I burst out laughing. He's mellowed a bit since. LOL!

Sarah said...

YAY! And a lovely visit it was too! Thanks for always having that spare bedroom available for me!! And you did great with the carols, despite what you'll let yourself believe :) Your boys are a hoot. I can't wait to come visit you guys again. And don't forget about so you can get your fix of StrongBad e-mail and Teen Girl Squad!!!

Becky said...

What a thoughful hubby.

LOL on the imagined (and highly probable) conversation your son had with his teacher over the Kleenex box. Sooo true! Around here we've had to save Curad boxes because they had those 3-D changing pictures of Jango Fett on the front. He treasures these things,and we got each box (filled with bandages) at the 99c store.
Yet he leaves his high dollar toys lying around outside for the dog to gnaw on. Go figure.

Yepper, gotta love that word 'frumpy'. Covers a lot of territory, lol...which is why I included the striving for fab disclaimer. I keep trying to hang onto the fact that I have't given up yet. I don't ever want to end up one of those DOWDY housewives buying groceries in her PJ's and scruffy hair.

Never give up...never surrender!

The Daily "B" said...

Chad is so thoughtful! Is he for real? lol!

I love these post!

angela said...

Love your imagination, Shauna. Hope you're having a better day today, though I'm sure it would be nice to get more flowers.